Remember those days when there were landline phones and big cordless phones instead of smartphones ? Or the days when kids actually used to go out in the streets and play in the evening ? Today’s kids might not know but people who grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s have beautiful memories of what I am talking about. The days when every kid used to wait eagerly for the clock to strike 5 for Pokemon and 5:30 for Beyblade. Yeah ! I am talking about those days  when children used to WATCH Pokemon instead of PLAYING it.

90s kids nagraj

Feeling nostalgic …isn’t it ? When there were the actual variety of cartoons on Cartoon Network and Pogo and not just Chota Bheem. When Everybody didn’t have computer or DVD Player and had a VCR instead.

AAH! Those were the days. What we won’t give up to get those times back ?  Well after watching this short film by emotionalfulls, you will revisit all your childhood memories and your heart will get filled with Nostalgia like mine did.


1990’s is not 10 years ago now. Feeling old ? Don’t know, how time flew so swiftly.

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