Ever heard of the scientific theory of Parallel Universe ? For those of you who haven’t, in layman’s language it means that there exist infinite universes, parallel to each other just like ours and these infinite parallel universes lies within one multiverse or meta – universe.

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Many good sci-fi movies like The One, Paradox and especially Coherence describes the concept of Parallel Universe beautifully.

Many stories of people with their experience related to Parallel Universe have come up in the lime light with the course of time. Here are 2 of the most popular stories among them.

The Mystery Man from Taured

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In 1954, a man arrived at the Tokyo International Airport. When he handed over his passport to be stamped, he was immediately taken away for interrogation about his nationality. He spoke French, but also knew Japanese. Although his passport seemed authentic but it was issued by the non-existing country called “Taured“. Confused airport interrogators asked the man to locate the whereabouts of his country on a world map.

He immediately pointed at the Principality of Andorra, a tiny European country between the borders of France & Spain. The man insisted he had never heard of a country by that name and that “Taured” had existed for more than a 1000 years. He further explained he was in Japan on business and have been before. His passport backed him up as it had customs and visa stamps, confirming earlier visits to Japan and other European nations. He also had legal European Currency with him. The man’s driver’s license and a checkbook complicated everything more as both issued to him by “Taured“.

Uncertain what to do, Tokyo airport officials temporarily kept the man in a nearby hotel until a final decision. 2 immigration officers stood guard outside the door until the next morning. It was discovered that the mysterious man was completely vanished without a trace from his hotel room. The only exit (besides the door) was a window with no ledge, at 15 stories which made the incident more mysterious. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department searched thoroughly for the man, but never saw him again.

Everyday Chemistry : Unreleased album of The Beatles

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The Beatles, the name itself is more than enough and needs no introduction. All their fans now wish for is the last chance to see their live concert. But no worries, all you have to do is take a trip to an alternate universe where John Lennon and George Harrison never died and the group is still making music.

A man who has adopted the pseudonym of James Richards claims that he was chasing his dog through Del Puerto Canyon in California on September 9, 2009. Suddenly he tripped in a rabbit hole and got unconscious. After waking up, he found himself in a room next to an unrecognizable machine with a man who introduced himself as Jonas. According to the strange man, while on a work-related trip for a dimensional travel agency, he had used the machine to transport the unconscious Richards to a Parallel Earth in Parallel Universe in order to help him.

They started discussing which led them to the topic of The Beatles, a band both dimensions shared. To Richards’s surprise, in this alternate dimension, The Beatles were all alive and still creating music. Richards brought back a souvenir cassette tape entitled Everyday Chemistry, composed of Beatles songs never released in our dimension. He has uploaded that tape on his website.

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Although  there is no scientific proof yet to back up any of the stories. Parallel Universe is just a scientific theory AS OF NOW. But still, even the thought of it gives the chills in the entire body. Right?


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