We often hear  in India that people do Engineering first and then they decide that what they actually want to do in their lives. Being an engineer myself, I can totally vouch for this statement.

Engineering memes are already very popular in India. The struggle for IIT’s, NIT’s or for jobs, the dark side of Engineering is no secret today. Every talk show, newspaper, I mean every kind of media has at least covered this topic at least once.Even the famous celebrities like Shankar Mahadevan, R. Madhvancompleted their Engineering first before making big in the film industry.

The majority of the students still opt something under the parental pressure, or the hype which has been created in the Indian Society. They don’t fight enough for their dreams.Then some dropout, some pass it with poor grades or give up. But some fight till the end and make it happen.

Here’s such an example of someone who completed his engineering but later went on to do something that he wanted to do.

Meet Varun Agarwal, a simple boy from Bangalore who failed engineering but later co-founded a million dollar company called Alma Mater. It is now the India’s largest company for providing merchandise to students of schools and colleges.



In June 2012, after his success with ‘Alma Mater’, his debut book, the semi-autobiographical How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company, chronicling his journey as an entrepreneur was published by Rupa & Co. and became a best-seller.

Listen to his journey from an Engineering to a filmmaker then an Entrepreneur followed as the best-selling author.


Life is very short to live on somebody else’s terms. Aamir Khan in 3 idiots also said that Follow your passion and dreams, success will follow you in no time.

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