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How To Celebrate Christmas When You Are Poor

It is 25th of December, and everyone is celebrating. Oh! But you are poor. Fret not, we have got your back. Festivals...

15 Bizzare Insomniac Thoughts I Get Every Night After 12 AM

"I’ve tried staying in bed and literally counting sheep. I’ve tried reading, hot showers, progressive muscle relaxation." Do you also say these...
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31 of the Most Unusual Phobias You May Not Even Know You Have

We all get scared. But then having panic attacks and anxiety disorders classify them as phobias to you. These are some...

UNESCO Has Declared Sonam Gupta as ‘International Bewafa’ and 21 Other Hilarious Memes

A few years ago, this tattered 10 rupee note with a gloomy message cautioning men began circulating on the net. Even...

31 Hilarious Jokes on Rs 500 and 1000 Currency Ban in India

Narendra Modi took the nation by surprise banning 500 and 1000 notes. These notes are now invalid in a major assault...

Top 10 Hilarious GIFs of the Day ( 08-November-2016 )

We are a big fan of GIFs. Every day, we manually search the internet to find the Top 10 most engaging and trending...

13 Things An Indian Man Wants From His Wife

In India, marriage happens to be a very crucial aspect. An Indian man has a lot of expectations from his wife....

17 Crazy Things We do When We Are Home Alone

We all love being alone at home once in a while to complete all those tasks we can't do when everyone's...

15 Things You Encounter When Your Parents Are on Facebook

Just as the coin has two sides, similarly having parents on Facebook have two different sides. Sometimes they make you feel...

15 Signs That Prove You Are a Child Trapped in an Adult Body

Childhood is that age where there are no boundaries; you can do whatever you want. Nobody is there to stop you....

10 Stupid Mistakes Guys Make While Interacting With Girls

Greetings to all the men out there who have no idea why girls can't stand them. Chill, this isn't the end...

13 Things 21-Year Olds Who Look 13 Just Don’t Want to Hear Anymore

Getting a compliment of "Cute Baby" when you are actually a BABY makes you smile. But when you hear the same...

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