About Us

‘Tomatoheart’ is the new home for thesuperheroes of Millennials where we showcase their talents and cover exclusive stories of their works, struggles, and successes. Tomatoheart means “the saucy soul” and hence we work only with and only for humans with the saucy soul.

We also publish youth-focused news, interviews, stories and videos from India and all over the world to inspire and ignite the millennials.

Our Mission

Tomatoheart aims to promote the superheroes of Millennials’ by providing a unique platform to showcase and honor their talents and cover stories of their works, struggles, and successes.

Who We Are

We are the bunch of cool, not-so-nerdy glass-less college pass-out (Yeh! We are not those drop-outs) saucy souls who have successfully received their final semester grades and now working full time on this platform.

We only prefer things that are interesting, lively, sassy, bold and humorously cheeky or forward. We just can’t tolerate dull, dumb, boring or senseless stuff even if it’s trending or making news out there.

What We Do

At Tomatoheart.com, we create and curate all the latest, interesting & hilarious videos, news, and stories which are frequently being liked, loved and shared by fantastic people like you.

We keep our eyes wide open to find out the latest and the most brilliant & mind-blowing trending, satirical, funny, weird, bizarre, inspiring, uplifting and amusing stories, news and videos for you from political, cultural, celebrity, sports and geeks world.

So subscribe us for the daily dose of the most amazing videos, stories, and news from India & around the world.

How to Reach Us

We are highly active on the online social networks. So you may like, follow,  subscribe, and contact us through these channels. You can also e-mail us at contact@tomatoheart.com

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