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We are on a mission to build a strong community of great content writers who are the masters of their respective field. We understand the hard work and tireless effort that authors put in writing contents, Hence, we have taken proper care of giving them the full credit of their writings by doing their ample branding and exposure throughout the website.

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Here we have listed few things for your notice.

1. Authors name included in the URL of each written post.

URL plays very important role in the search engine optimization of any keyword and here we want to optimize it for authors name. Take a look the URL of one of our posts. For example . Here the first word after the parent domain name “” is the username of the author and for every post written by “niteshmanav”, the URL will start with ““. Though this is not a common URL structuring pattern for most of the popular social news publishing websites like ViralNova, DailyDot, ScoopWhoop, StoryPick etc, may be because these sites usually do not emphasize on the role of authors for their content but few industry leaders like Buzzfeed and have been following this URL structuring since long now and they are indeed authors friendly. I bet you have never noticed this but you can do it now. Go check out their websites and see the difference in their ULR structuring with your own eyes.

2. Authors Image Below Post Title

Every post starts with a post title and just below the title/headline of the post, we have introduced a small thumbnail image of the author accompanied by his/her full name to make it easy for the readers to  recognize the author and hence helping authors in their personal branding. Have a look at an example screenshot below.

Tomatoheart Authors Branding Tomato heart


3. Full-Width Author Box At The End of The Post.

Each post ends with an “About The Author” section which is a full-width author box displaying the full name, a passport size photo and a short intro of the author along with the links of their personal social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus etc. Here is an example snapshot of one author box. authors program tomato heart-5
4. Authors Individual Profile Page

All tomatoheart authors are entitled to have their own profile page with this URL structure . This page starts with full-width introduction of the author along with his/her name as the title of the page and then it again includes the individual’s social networking sites links. For example, take a look at the Author’s profile page of “Nitesh Manav”. His Profile URL is and here is the screenshot of his profile page. authors program tomato heart-4


5. Authors Viral Branding On Facebook

We have implemented “Facebook Open Graph” developer options on our website which adds Clickable Authors Name Link on each shared post written by that Author. For example, look at this shared post

Tomatoheart Authors BrandingThe shared post clearly shows the “Author Name” and when readers hover on that name , it shows the Facebook profile of the author and if readers like his/her posts, they can visit the Facebook profile and follow the author. In this way, we are helping authors to carry their personal branding along-with their posts every-time someone share it. Though you can always disable this by not adding your Facebook link address under your profile.

So, there are few ways by which we are helping authors to carry their personal branding across our website. We have also launched “Revenue Sharing Program” for authors for limited time. You can click here to know about this scheme more and if you want join our “Authors Program” right now, click the link below.

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