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Pammi Aunty and Janamashtmi Hindola…part 58 #PammiAunty #Sarlabhenji #hayorabba #motherinlaw

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The man behind Pammi Aunty’s fancy and huge pink glasses and giant hair curlers is actor Ssumier S Pasricha.
Pammi Aunty

His mischievously hilarious impersonation of a loud Punjabi Aunty complaining about everything has made him an overnight celebrity. His quintessential gossip nature and tone has made all of us go ROFL.

Pammi Aunty was born when Ssumier’s cousin forced him to try out Snapchat.

“I found one of a bespectacled woman with a face pack and I published a video mimicking my Punjabi aunts and neighbors from Delhi. It went viral and I decided to release one video every day,” quotes, Ssumier.

Here are some unknown facts about our very own Ssumier S Pasricha.
1.)  He added an extra ‘S’ in his name in 2009 when an astrologer told him that it would launch his film career. And voila, it did.
Pammi Aunty
2.) Ssumier practices Vedic astrology. He is a strong believer of astrology and numerology.
3.) Ssumier is fluent in six languages.
4.) He has been acting since he was young. At the age of 10, he started doing plays at his school and later went on to do theater in Australia and Delhi.
Ssumier Pasricha pummy aunty
5.) He has a keen interest in photography as well. He does photography for international projects on travel and fashion. He has written and done portfolio shoots for National Geography and other international magazines published in Australia, Spain, and New Zealand.
Ssumier Pasricha 2
6.) He has worked as an actor in various documentaries and Corporate movies. He has also done one Bollywood movie ” HUM TUM SHABANA with Dir Sagar Ballery.
Ssumier Pasricha-1
7.) While he was in Australia, he worked as a Radio Jockey at a local radio station.
8.) He has also done several TV commercials including an Idea ad with Jr. Bachchan.

9.) After all of Pammi Aunty’s rant about her MBA bahu, we get to know Ssumier has an MBA degree.
10.) He is a big fan of Charlie Chaplin.[Now we know where he got his inspiration]
11.) He admires Russel Peters, Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan.
12.) He broke the internet by his pictures looking like our King Khan. He is said to be his doppelganger.
Pammi Aunty
13.) Ssumier has a training of 13 years in classical music. He is also a trained Kuchipudi dancer.
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