Narendra Modi took the nation by surprise banning 500 and 1000 notes. These notes are now invalid in a major assault on fake currency, black money, and corruption. While 9/11 earlier caused a ruckus in U.S, this time it has created a brawl in India. People go berserk and pour out their sadness through jokes and memes.

Here are 31 memes that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

1Chikni Chameli effect

2Indians counting money and wondering what to do

3US elections affecting India

4Someone is insanely happy.


5May your soul Rest In Peace

6Where shall I use my money?

7Wondering what to do with your money?

8We are the lucky ones to have seen these

9Arvind Kejriwal as usual pointing fingers at Modi

10Smokers thinking of their own benefits

11If you see lights on tonight, understand that they are counting notes.

12People who are getting married !! god bless them

13Black is OUT, be it the US or India

14ADHM effect

15Cricket Fever

16Sr. Bachchan promoting Pink

17How else should I use my money?

18100 In, 1000 OUT

19Because Gandhi Ji is Eternal

20I am selling notes, any buyers?

21Now you understand that feeling of Getting Fucked?

22Reactions !!!

23Rahul Gandhi Memes everywhere

24Future of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes

25Rs.500 Crore Blockbuster

26Those Rs500 bribes !!! Regret taking those now?

27Should I light myself up with these?

28Modi steals the show

29Is Modi repeating the same mistakes made in the past?

30Now you can Drink And Drive

31Modi Vs Trump

If you have more such memes, message us or let us know in the comments section.