While I am writing this post, there are total 2,009,479 subscribers on the YouTube Channel of highly popular YouTuber, singer, songwriter and entertainer “Bhuvan Bam” aka BB Ki Vines.

Bb Ki Vines Bhuvan Bam YouTube Channel Tomatoheart 6

Congratulations Bhuvan!

Bb Ki Vines Bhuvan Bam YouTube Channel Tomatoheart 7
Courtesy: Bhuvan Bam

In fact, there is no other Individual YouTube celebrity in India with such a huge subscribers count. Don’t get confused or compare these numbers with those of T-Series, Set India, The Viral Fever, etc. These are companies while “BB Ki Vines” is the sole work of Bhuvan Bam only.

Bb Ki Vines Bhuvan Bam YouTube Channel Tomatoheart
Courtesy: Bhuvan Bam
Here is the current list of Top 25 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of India.
( As of Jan 29, 2017)
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Source: SocialBlade

Interestingly enough, BB Ki Vines ranked higher than All India Bakchod, which is older and kind of trendsetter in Indian YouTube Industry.

Bhuvan Bam created “BB Ki Vines” YouTube channel on Jun 20, 2015, and is continuously growing since then. This channel currently has 92 uploaded videos with a total of 267 million views. Here is the YouTube progress graph for his YouTube Channel “BB Ki Vines.”

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Source: SocialBlade

He is extremely popular amongst the Indian millennials. Though he is highly successful today, the journey was never so easy. Bhuvan Bam had run few other Youtube Channels for past 2 years prior to BB Ki Vines. On 20th June 2015, he uploaded a 32- seconds video named “Bhai-Zoned..Attyachaar” on his newly created channel called “BB Ki Vines”. which received over 50,000 views in its 1st week. Since then, he never looked back.

Today, He thanked his fans through his official Facebook page. Here is what he said:

His most recent video named “Sach Ka Saamna” gathered more than 2 Million views in just one day.

Though “Papa Maakichu” is still the most viewed video of him with 10.4 million views till now.

The two most important factors of his videos are originality and creativity. He never compromised these two things and that’s the reason why he has the hardcore fan following. During a TEDx Talk at IIT, Delhi, he clearly emphasized the importance of originality to pursue dreams.

He is now an inspiration for many young kids who follow him and his work.

Best wishes to you Bhuvan Bam from Team Tomatoheart.

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