Unless you have been living under a rock, you would definitely be knowing about “Superwoman”. Well, nothing to worry about if you never heard about this awesome person. Superwoman is a famous YouTube celebrity. She posts regular videos related to comedy, day to day situations, and other interesting topics.

Here we have gathered some lesser known facts about Superwoman. Read these to brush up your knowledge about her:

1Lilly Singh was born on 26th September 1988.

2She hails from Scarborough, Toronto.

3She has an Indian heritage as both her parents belong to Punjab region of India.

4She was named ‘Lilly’ by her elder sister Tina.

5She was suffering from depression in the first year of her university education.

6She holds a degree in Psychology.


7Her father wanted her to pursue Law, though he fully supported her passion for YouTube videos.

8She named herself Superwoman when in childhood her parents bought her a ring with ‘S’ engraved on it. She says that calling herself “Superwoman” makes her feel powerful.

9Her favourite food is Macaroni and Cheese.


10She has got three tattoos. One ‘Nirbhau’ and one ‘Nirvair’ in Punjabi language, which means ‘Fearless’ and ‘Without Hate’ respectively, on her wrists. Third tattoo  on her shoulder spells ‘One Love’.

11The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is her childhood crush and she has collaborated with him in her YouTube videos.


12Apart from YouTube video making, Superwoman loves dancing too. She is a great Bhangra dancer.


13She believes in the concept of Universal Love. She promotes peace and love in all her videos.

14Superwoman has written a book “How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life”. It will be available from March 2017.

15She has also acted in a couple of movies like “Speedy Singhs”,”Dr. Cabbie”.

16Superwoman is a singer too, she has sung songs like ‘IVIVI’ and ‘Leh’ with “Humble The Poet”. She also sung ‘Mauj Ki Malharein’ in the Bollywood movie ‘Gulaab Gang’.

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One Love Superwoman , that is a wrap. ZOOOP.