Ever heard any noise in the midnight when you are all alone in the house, you’ll feel like as if you are not alone in the house. There might be something or just your imagination. What do you think, Do Ghost Really Exist? Is there any object which is cursed or Possessed? It’s quite funny to think about this scenario but in reality, there are some objects which are cursed and are haunted.


 So here are some of those  haunted objects which are so scary that they will leave you speechless.

1The Haunted Wedding Dress

The wedding dress was worn by Anna Baker but her father banished her should-be husband for being poor. Then, Anna spent her rest of her life being angry and poor. After she died, the dress was put on display. The dress moves and dances on full moon nights as if the spirit of Anna is still present.

2The Busby Stoop Chair

This chair was cursed by a man in 1702; anyone who sits on this chair dies very shortly. There have been a number of cases of people who try to sit on this chair and then die that similar day. This chair was donated to the museum and was kept Five Feet high so that nobody could sit on it even by mistake. This chair is known as “The Chair of Death”.

3The Anguished Man Painting

This Painting was locked away by Sean Robinson’s grandmother- the current owner of the painting for 25 years before he inherited it. The artist painted this with the mixture of Blood and Paint before killing himself. When on display, one can hear voices, crying and the shadowed man who haunts the place. Many Paranormal activities were seen when this painting was present.

4The Crying Boy Painting

Bruno Amadio’s painting ‘The Crying Boy’ is that dangerous painting no one wants in their house. It was a popular painting during 1950-80s. There are countless undamaged copies of this Painting have been found in the house fires. It is believed that these paintings can put any building on fire in which this painting resides.

5The Woman from Lemb Statue

This statue was carved out of limestone in 1878 in Cyprus and  is presently kept in Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh. It is encased in glass so that no one else could touch it. This statue is also called as “Goddess of Death” who so ever owned this statue has passed away in severe circumstances. The owner and his full family passed away after owning this statue.

6The Possessed Doll “Annabelle”

The doll lied to a psychic stating the soul of a young girl named Annabelle. It was kept in big cases with a warning “Warning Positively Do Not Open”. The doll used to move and stand on its own. It was possessed by a Demon. Hollywood movie was also made on this doll, “The Conjuring” in 2013 and Annabelle in 2014.

7The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

This Mirror holds the spirit of the Woodruff family who all died due to poison. This mirror is located on a famous haunted bed. The Woodruff family members can be seen often lurking in the background and handprints of children were also found on the mirror.

8“The Hands Resist Him” Painting

This painting is the most haunted painting in the world as it has the same story as of witches. It is also known as “Haunted eBay Painting”. The boy and the doll painted in this painting have been said to disappear from this painting entirely at times. The sense of sickness and weakness would be seen if it is to be started for longer times. In 2000 it was sold by a couple who just couldn’t handle the strange happenings.

9Robert The Doll

The doll belonged to Robert Otto. In 1896 it was gifted to him by a servant who hates his family and practiced black magic. The doll used to talk to the boy and have the power to break objects. Now this doll was kept in a museum in Key West. Visitors have to take permission before taking the picture of the doll and if they don’t, then they are simply cursed until they apologize. The doll inspired the movie “Child’s Play”.

10 Valentino’s Ring

Rudolph Valentino was one of the Hollywood’s silent movie star. But one day he bought a ring and all his career went down. His career flopped and he died not long after that. His lover wore the ring and became mysteriously ill. Russ Colombo, the actor who was going to play the role of Valentino wore this ring and died in few days in an accident. Joe Casino, the gangster bought the ring but he refused to wear it and waited for 7 years for the curse to fade away and when he wore, he died within a week.

11 The Conjure Chest

Jacob Cooley ordered one of his slave (Hosea) to make a chest for his first son. He made a beautiful chest and was not successful to impress his master with his work. He was beaten by his master so hard that he died. Hosea’s friends cursed the chest in order to take revenge from Cooley. Cooley’s first born child died in his infancy and 17 other deaths happened due to this curse. Afterward, the curse has been removed and now the chest is displayed in the Kentucky History Museum in Frankfort.

12The Hope Diamond

This Diamond was no less evil than anything. It is believed that anyone who possesses this item it suffers from misfortune and death. This Diamond has claimed the lives on many. The sense of sickness and fear could be felt by just looking at it. Now it remains on display at the Smithsonian Institution in order to save lives.

13Chairs from The Belcourt Castle

The famous haunted castle has been around since 1894.  In this castle, there is a pair of chairs that are famous for its paranormal activity as it is believed that it is used by the spirits. Anyone who sits in these chairs feels uncomfortable and they claimed that they felt as if they are sitting on someone. Many visitors have been ejected from the chairs by an unseen force.

14Screaming Skull of Anne Griffiths

Screaming Skulls are found in Burton Agnes Hall in Driffield, East Yorkshire. This hall was built during the Elizabeth I by Sir Henry Griffiths and his sisters. During this one of his sister Anne was killed by an unknown person and after her death, her sisters promised that her head would be removed from the body and should be kept in the hall. When people tried to remove it from the hall, a noise of screams are heard and portraits fall from the walls. After that, it was kept in one of the houses bricked behind a wall.

15The Tallman’s Bunk Beds

The case of the Haunted Bunk beds was so famous that the tale found its way onto the hit TV show Unsolved Mysteries. In February 1987 Alan and Debby Tallman bought some beds for their children after that many frightening voices were heard and illusions were felt by the people. It is believed that their beds were possessed by evil spirits.

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