When you think that you have seen all the marketing tricks, then this trick is unusual enough to put your mind in a shock. Selling peaches and wrapping with sexy and beautiful undies. Fruit vendors of China came up with an astonishing idea to sell “Peaches” in the supermarket in the city of Qingdao. Vendors wrapped their peaches with attractive underpants in order to boost their sales.

Some people find this idea of selling peaches with underpants cute while some find it vulgar.

The peaches used are from Wuxi, a place in china which is also famous for lingerie and garment industry. These peaches were sold as a beautifully wrapped present in a box-of-nine. Apparently, the supermarket thought the underwear fitted the ‘unique curves’ of a peach.

These are quite costly of course: 498 yuan ($80) per box. But this price won’t be able to stop people from purchasing it. It is said that all the underpants are hand-made and they are more expensive than the peaches. This idea had bloomed the Chinese media. It has been estimated that the sales of this fruit rise after this marvelous idea.

Man behind the idea:

It all started when a fruit vendor in Nanjing decided to slip underwear onto a few of his peaches in order to increase his sales. This idea was given by Mr. Yao Xiao Yang the owner of ‘Fruithunters’ shop. He teams up IDFIX a local lingerie company to manufacture tiny undies in different sexy colors. Mr. Yao revealed that he sells the product on an online mobile app WeChat that has been branching into e-commerce lately. He has also applied for a patent on his idea so that nobody could copy him as this was the burning idea to increase the sales. He also mentioned that they continue to innovate and come up with more originative ideas as they have a couple of plans ready with other fruits.

Peaches panites
His inspiration:

Mr. Yao Xiao Yang was inspired by literary works. According to him “fruits are wonderful presents given to us by nature”. Fruits names are self-evident in the world of literature such as Sodom apple and Venus nipple peach. In English literature, the name of fruits is often compared with the human being and their body parts.

Hence the idea to sell peaches wrapping them with colorful undies flourishes the Chinese market and now new they will come up with a new idea within next month on some other fruits.
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