Indian cricket fans have always blamed the cricketer’s significant other for their torpid performance.
Recently the shots of trolls were on Mayanti Langer who is the wife of Indian Cricket Player Stuart Binny.

On 27 August, India fought a T20 match against West Indies. India lost the match but the whole blame was put on Stuart Binny for giving 32 runs in an over. The  International match was played at Florida, USA.  In a total of 40 overs, 489 runs were scored.  Evin Lewis was the batsman who had hit 5 sixes in an over the bowling of Stuart Binny.

Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langar who is a sports anchor was anchoring the show panel during the match.

Mayanti Langer

After Binny’s performance, the couple who is happily married for four years was trolled up and down on twitter.

After getting subjected to sexism and jokes about suicide and divorce, Langer jumped in and posted a note on twitter to shut the mouth of all the naysayers.

She shared the same image on her Instagram account as well.

There have been several instances when people took their mockery on twitter. Earlier in the month of May, internet mocked the couple with memes on their marriages after his IPL matches. Back then also, Langer came in the field and posted a fitting picture of the two.


Same has happened earlier with actress Anushka Sharma when his alleged boyfriend Virat Kohli gave a lackluster performance. Virat posted a picture on Instagram and rescued her.



It is time for the Indian Cricket fans to get classy and accept the fact that it is a match and someone is bound to win. We should accept the win as well as the defeat with open arms.

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