Do you love ice cream?

Then you have to see this!

There exists an Ice cream Museum in New York.


Don’t have a meltdown if you can’t go to the Museum of Ice Cream. You will have a Foodgasm just by looking at the Museum.

As you enter the museum, your entry ticket consists of a cup of ice cream from a New York sweet shop that will rotate, along with flavors, each week.

As you go forward, you see a wall covered with cones

ice cream

And with scoops

Scoops through the years 🍦#MOIC #museumoficecream

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As you move forward, you come across the “Chocolate Chamber Room”. In the room, there are projections of liquid chocolate swirl along the wall. The room also has a chocolate fountain and video simulation of chocolate lava. It feels like you are in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

ice cream

Edible Balloons?

ice cream

These balloons are lightweight, transparent sugary candies that are created with a helium tank and sugar.

Imagine your wildest dream!!
Imagine jumping in a pool of sprinkles


Take off those shoes and jump in

ice cream

The only disappointment is that those sprinkles are plastic balls and not actual edible sprinkles.

An ice cream sandwich swing? Woah

ice cream

And what about a bench that appears to have ice cream dripping ?

An ice cream scoop see-saw

world’s largest collaborative sundae?

Yes, they have it!

It is an activity in which you scoop up ice cream and slap it onto a giant sundae goblet. An inside source confirmed that the ice cream doesn’t melt because of a certain enzyme .



Is there anything else we could wish for?

This place is a heaven for all the ice cream lovers

Have a look

I am surely you must be experiencing a sugar rush. Rush to the nearest ice cream parlor and treat yourself with a scoop or two.

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