Dear boyfriend,

What I am going to write today is different from all the I love you’s that I’ve sent. Actually, something far beyond the words that you’d imagine me writing. ‘Cause I’ll never have the guts to tell you all of this. Maybe, I’m just not strong enough. This really does not mean that I don’t love you, which is but obvious that I do.

And the extent of my love is more than infinity would cover.

Being Pretty Dear Boyfriend, I'm Not Pretty

All I wanna say is simple: Don’t call me fat, skinny, plump, dark, or anything else. I am ugly, dark, fat, shy, insecure and a lot more to add to my list of imperfections. I have a lot many people to point out those faults in me; especially my parents who never leave a chance to tell me what more can be added to my list of faults. But I am really not that bad.

Try and accept me the way I am.

And if you love me, you’ll be able to do that. Not because you want me to be happy, but because you won’t have a problem with my appearance anymore.

Pretty Dear Boyfriend, I'm Not Pretty

You love me and I know that. You’ve shown your love and care at times when I couldn’t have even imagined. When there was nobody around, you were there. But I get disheartened when you point out such things. It is then when I look into the mirror and say: ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, why did you have to make me this way at all?’ And the worse part is that I don’t get any answer.


I never wanted to be harsh. And so, I never said these things. But I do feel bad. I am a human being. No one is perfect. Look within. You have some faults too. Did I ever point out any one of those? My love is not that shallow to let me do that.


I may not be perfect, but I can try to be someone you’d love to be with your entire life. But, I don’t want to change. I want to stay the way I am. And I want you to accept me for what I have been always.

Tell me I’m beautiful,
When the world says I’m not,
Tell me I’m pretty,
Shut the world up, For things, they ought to say not.

Yours lovingly,
Your girlfriend.

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