Molestation is a highly sensitive topic these days. To be frank, even after all the hype that it gets, nobody in this big wide country is ready to take some firm action against this heinous crime. But how long are we going to stay quiet and bear the pain?


Someday, we’ll have to talk about it openly. We’ll all have to answer these women of our very nation, the residents of our country, about the ifs and buts and the loop holes that we left open. We’ll have to take a stand for them and thus, question our capabilities.


As I guess and as the nation can sense, this revolution has already begun. With the issues like harassment and molestation taking the form of movies, we can clearly notice how people are eager to spread awareness about these not-so-important-talks; one’s which we do not want to discuss publicly and the one’s which make us change the news channel when being talked about, on Television.

Pink, is one such movie. Usually, a feminine color, the title manages to subtly connect with women. This, as I guess, was the reason behind such a title of the movie, which clearly does not represent the color ‘pink‘.

Another fact is that apart from the title, the color pink does not appear anywhere in the movie.


The movie talks about how a modesty of a woman should not be played with. Moving from scene to scene and from one hearing to the other, Pink brings up the issue of political influence and the current mentality of men in our country. It clearly displays how our country is still affected with the cheap mentality of judging women on the basis of their dress.

Molestation Pink Girl

Women empowerment has yet not reached the masses. The movie’s message to the general public is quite evident and so is their motive. We need to walk out of our comfort zones to change ourselves and until we do that, we’ll never be able to succeed in changing the mentality of the people.

Apart from that, the fabulous acting by Amitabh Bachchan adds to the essence of the movie. His strong and powerful voice emphasizes on topics which we tend to ignore and focuses on points which we do not want to talk about.


Why can our country not develop? Why, after all, these attempts, we’ve failed to save our girls? Why can our Police not be humble enough while dealing with the cases of women? Why are we suggested to not report our cases or lodge a FIR even after having been sexually harassed? Why aren’t we successful in changing the mentality of the people of our country, especially the ones who hold the power to control us?

Watch this eye-opener movie to get answers to some of these questions and to come face to face with the reality of today’s world. Pink manages to open links of your mind where it’ll seep deep into your brain. It’ll stay there, for a long, long time and will urge you to get up and speak up.


Can we ever get over this disease which has spread on a worldwide scale? Will our generation be able to at least make people talk about it which is still considered ‘vulgar’ in some parts of our country? Will we ever be able to use words like ‘sex’, ‘virginity’, ‘molestation’, ‘harassment’, etc. without being looked upon twice?

Most of all, does anyone of you has the audacity to come forward and answer these questions? 

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