Being obese is just not easy. Not only do you tend to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what it would be like if you had not been fat but also get questioned about your physique from random people every now and then. And trust me, none of it feels good.

So, if you are one of those fat people who are tired of hearing such questions, I bet you’d be able to relate yourself and your experiences with this article.

1You’re NOT fat. You’re just healthy.

Okay. Stop. I know I’m not healthy and that yes, I’m obese. Why can you just not blabber the truth in front of me when I’m already aware of the better part of it? Stop sugar coating it again and again. Because you know what, it isn’t helping.

2You eat so little.

And of course, the after statement goes like, “But you don’t look like someone who eats less”. So, you think that people who eat little are thin as a stick and the people who eat a lot gain weight like an elephant. Huh? Fuck logic. You need to understand that this is not the case. People gain weight because they are genetically designed that way. Even a bit of food might make them obese. It isn’t their fault.

3You’re… Err… cute.

Don’t know what to say? Stop. Do not compliment. People are tired of hearing this over and over again because whenever they ask how they look, all they get to hear is “You look cute”. Okay. Stop looking at my figure for once and talk about my dress. Do you not get what I mean?

4You can RUN!

“Oh my God! You can run? But how’s that possible?”
So, you didn’t expect that from me, right? And if I say, yes I can run, at times a lot more than what thin people can, what will you say? Being fat or obese does not stop me from living my normal life. It is just a part of what and who I am.

5If you sit on someone, they’ll die.

First of all, that’s just not the case. People cannot die if fat people sit on them. They might choke for some time but they’ll be fine later when the person gets off them. Secondly, why in hell would I sit on someone? This is so insane. And the funny part is, the more insane it seems, the more this statement is said. For the last time now, stop. You do not have to blabber shit every time you open your mouth.

For now, this is it. Actually, this is isn’t. There are a lot more things that fat people have to go through in their daily lives. Even if they want to accept what and who they are, they’re frequently questioned and made to feel guilty about their physical appearance.

If you cannot make a person feel better about them, at least do not speak shit about them.

Grow up!