What’s the biggest frustration people have about their smartphones? The most common reply would be charging.  But have you ever thought if a machine could solve all charging hassles and also save the world, planting one pot at a time?  Sound strange?


Don’t look boggled, though. A Barcelona centered firm called Arkyne Technologies is taking the internet and startup culture by storm. Their latest planting pot called Bioo Lite has garnered a lot of popularity for turning a measly house pot into a charging station.

“What sounds like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie has now turned into a reality.”

The machine is an intricate design of absorbance technology that captures photosynthetic energy from the sun. It converts it into electricity and stores the energy for future use. Then just plug in your phone into the USB cable and charge your phone.

Let’s go little deeper to know how it works:

It’s small size, and simple design might fool people. But there’s a lot going on inside the pot. Two smaller pots sit inside the pot filled with bacteria, waiting to react with water.

As the conversion process takes place, the compounds formed in the soil section seep through the selective layers covering the bacteria pots.


The bacteria quickly acts on the processed compounds as it enters. Electrons are created by the bacteria. These are by a nano-wire network. The very same electrons get collected by a panel. These then charge the battery at the pot’s bottom. This is connected to a USB cable through which phones are charged.

“The company claims that people can charge their smartphones three times a day, even overnight.”

The Product Specification:

The USB is sold with a 5 Volt, 1 Ampere charging port. And if you’re afraid the-the discharge funnel looks out of place. Don’t worry because it’s shaped like a rock.


The company states that the potted plant can produce 3 to 40 Watts of power unaffected for over five years. The power output depends on the type of plant and the way the owner takes care of it.

Because if the plant dies, so does the battery. And if it’s dead, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.  Tested products show that the machine works best with green plants when compared to arid plants like cacti.

The Future of Green Energy:

The design is 8.2-by-4.3-by-4.3-inch (21-by-11-by-11 centimeter) . Sleek and moderately priced at $112. Prices are to take effect by December. And shipping is to start from the same month.  The Top 70 Best European Startups list has recognized the company. The company’s future is paved with a multitude of awards.

The company has already surpassed its goal of $17,000 and is now working along with Indiegogo.
Their next plan is to create a Bioo Panel. It’s a 1 meter by 1-meter device that generates up to 40 W. It uses the same technology as Bioo Lite and produces up to 280 kWh per year.

The requirement for charging is sure to start an entire green energy culture on its own. People growing potted plants in the strangest of places just to keep their phones from dying.

But what’s good for the plant life, is useful for smartphones, and nature as a whole.


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