Terror has once again struck India in its most unexpected form. This time in the form of a daunting phone call from an anonymous source by a Noida resident. Ahead of the preparations for Independence Day, the call has staggered authorities all across the country.


And in an obvious turn of events, speculations have also sprouted about the nature of the call.

From Noida Without Love

Noida resident Amit recounts the horrors of the interaction that has raised security concerns all over India. On 11 August, he received the call from an unknown source. The caller only gave away a single sentence and disconnected immediately.


Amit decided not to pay much attention to it regarding it as a hoax. But seeing the gravity of the situation, he informed the police later o confirm his suspicions.

“Hello…there will be blasts in Delhi and Noida”.

Security agencies quickly rose up to their feet to use their best resources in finding the caller. They traced the call to San Francisco, USA. Many have questioned its credibility. An air of doubt exists that the call was a prank. But security agencies are taking no chances. Security has been amplified all over the country.


The city is no stranger to such viral threats after the horrifying terror attacks in Peshawar. Social media sites like Facebook and Whatsapp shared news about a possible terror attack. Even though the state responded swiftly, no such attacks occurred.

The Response From Delhi

Delhi Police is leaving no stone unturned in safeguarding the auspicious occasion. Following the call, Police Commissioner Alok Verma terminated the leaves of all subsidiaries for August 15. Officers now mandatorily carry bullet-proof jackets, weapons and artillery. Security personnel is also using quadcopters.


The Prime Minister’s address will be under the constant watch of security forces. They anticipate an attack following repeated ceasefire violations on the border.

Safety measures have been implemented with maximum security due to fears that the Prime Minister is on the hit-list of terror groups. To further prevent any attacks, 3000 trees are being pruned and inspected.


All buildings facing the Red Fort are being inspected thoroughly. Nearly 600 balconies and 100 windows open to the monument have been vacated and closed.



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