Whether you’re an office worker with a mountain of files to finish or a college student just moments away from an exam, you know far too well not to procrastinate much.The problem usually starts with a single comment, looking for a video or just searching for an image until you’ve wasted hours.


People know the expression-“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” But there’s another part to it-“All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.”

Take a look at some of the must haves in applications to help you manage your time and thwart the effects of procrastination.
1. Toggl

A nifty project management app that helps you track billable hours using tags and projects. You can share the details of all your time tacking with clients, software colleagues and friends.But that’s not all. Even when you’re offline, the projects can be synced with your entries software. It even allows you to transfer data to formats like Asana, Trello, and other popular project management tools.

2. Universal Password Manager

How many times have you wasted searching for a file or an important mail? Only too later realize that you forget your password, and now the website requires a long, tedious process for you to gain access. Say goodbye to these problems by the handy password manager. An app that keeps all your important passwords in a single place encrypted with a password protected database.

3. Pocketfree

An anti-procrastination tool that understands that the average internet surfer can get attracted to enticing websites and ads. This tool allows you to filter out any websites and links with the ease of surfing. Then it allows you to save them so that you can access them later without disturbing your work. Otherwise, you’ll be left surfing irrelevant links until you reach a dead end.

4. In Time

People usually picture their alarms as the biggest villains when they wake up, more tyrannical than any dictator or killer. But install the In Time and you’ll love it so much, you might even take it out on a date. No really. The app edits the way we deal with traffic and alarm settings. Based on how long it will take you to get to your destination safely, it creates a wake-up and leaves system. By monitoring your trip and adjusting for traffic, it makes sure that you’re always on time. Perfect for sleepy heads and party animals.

5. StayFocused

Best for people who want to restrict their access to websites by seeing how much time they can spend on them. The app is a Google Chrome extension that lets you allot a specific time for any website and protects it with a password. Once the allotted time is up, access to the website is restricted for an entire day or more, depending on your settings.

6. Strict Workflow

The Pomodoro Technique is an effective time management tool that splits tasks into 25 minute intervals and 5 minute breaks. It’s useful, but we still have to see a person properly carry this out in real life without interchanging both. Not to worry, though. The app keeps a close watch on websites where you work for a 25-minute interval and blocks all others. When it ends, a 5-minute break is given where you’re free to search as you please until the timer stops.

7. Any.do

A personal task management app that keeps you well informed about any tasks that have stacked over. Compatible across all platforms and extremely useful, users might feel nudged. The app forces you to review and make a habit of checking daily tasks first thing in the morning. This way you’ll be able to adjust your timings beforehand and keep away from drowning in surprise tasks and meetings.

 8. Write or die

Like a frigid and over bearing Guardian, the app keeps you hooked to your work and removes any sources of time wastage.It helps you kill procrastination and manage time by annoying users with sounds and images until they just give up. Compatible on all platforms and extremely useful for writers and artists.

9. AppDetox

As the name suggests, it detoxifies your smartphone by imposing rules and restrictions on those pesky procrastinating apps. You can restrict the number of times you open an app and even block it as much as you want. And suppose you decide to play around when you’re not supposed to, the app just gives you an insulting reminder of the number of your violations. If you’re thinking, no you can’t block the app even if you wanted to.

10. Adblock

Another Chrome extension that’s famous for blocking irritating spam ads on websites. But for the enthusiasts who want to quit procrastination by going cold turkey, there’s something much more extreme. Adblock has an in-built function to permanently block websites without any passwords. And if you’re thinking of removing the extension, don’t bother. The websites still remain blocked.

You’re out of time, and you’ve reached the end of the article. That doesn’t mean that you can’t explore the rest of the website. Share, subscribe and leave a comment for more saucy content.



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