Harnaam Kaur has been making headlines ever since she became the youngest female with a  beard to enter the Guinness World Record on 8 September 2016. Here is all that you need to know about this woman who is challenging societal conventions and beauty norms.

1She is 24-yr old and is from Berkshire in southeast England.

2Harnaam began growing facial hair as an adolescent due to a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

3 She decided to stop trying to get rid of her hair after being baptized as a Sikh.

4She was bullied during her schooling years and it took a toll on her. “Going through primary and secondary school with facial hair, kids can be nasty. It led me to self-harm and wanting to take my own life,” she says.

5Harnaam admits she was just moments away from taking an overdose with a handful of tablets when she decided to channel her negative thoughts into something more productive and positive.

6She is currently working on an anti-bullying campaign and has also appeared in a short film.

7In March 2016 she became the first female model with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week.

8She describes herself on social media as “Bearded Dame, Body confidence activist, Anti-Bully Activist, Plus Size Model” and dresses in a Sikh turban.

9She admits that her brother has been her constant support system whenever times were tough.

10She describes her entry in the Guinness World Record as ‘absolutely humbling’ and hopes to spread her message of loving oneself and empowering others.

After winning the world record, she said, “I hope those who read or see my record can take away positivity, inspiration and realise that no matter who you are or what you look like, you are officially amazing!”

Harnaam Kaur has broken a lot of set stereotypes about who should be considered beautiful by the society and with her recognition, she hopes to encourage all those who are afraid to be happy in being the way they are.
Way to go girl…!!

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