Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals held in the world. The latest edition took place in Boom in Belguim. It was scheduled on the dates 22, 23 and 24 July 2016. This year the theme for the festival was ‘The Elixir of Life’. The first edition took place on August 14, 2005. After its overwhelming success, it has become one of the most outstanding global musical festivals.

Here are 10 lesser-known and jaw-dropping facts about Tomorrowland.




1. The Lavish Laser Show can cause bleeding in eyes
laser show in tomorrowland


The spectacular laser show can turn out to be a nightmare. The intense laser show can cause bleeding in eyes. In 2009, two visitors complained about this problem. They lodged a complaint against ID&T . Later on, the charges against ID&T were dropped as they proved that the dutch company they had hired for the laser show was responsible for the mishap.


2.  Ticket Booking for the festival made the servers explode
Tomorrowland ticket booking

In 2012, the servers of the ticketing company Timoco crashed after they were overwhelmed with the ticket booking requests from so many people around the world.


3. Party never ends at Tomorrowland


tomorrowland party

Even after the music goes off, people continue to party day in and day out.


4. The seventh edition of Tomorrowland was held in a tree

This festival takes place in Boom, Belgium. Boom means Tree in Dutch. The organizers took this meaning way too literal. That’s why they built a massive tree for the 7th edition.

5. Drugs are a Taboo here


The festival fosters the No Drugs Policy. Before entering the festival people are respectfully asked to get rid of all the drugs they carry. If caught later on, they are expelled from the festival.


6. In 2012 Tomorrowland showcased the Europe’s Highest ‘Mobile’ Ferris Wheel



The Brussels Airlines Cloud Rider, as high as 60 meters in the sky was available for the visitors of the Tomorrowland festival in 2012.


7. Tomorrowland’s Regal Mansions
tomorrowland mansions


Described as ridiculously VIP, Tomorrowland Mansions are rented out at $  50,000 for the ultimate luxury experience. Each mansion has the capacity to house 12 festival goers and is equipped with a sofa,a mini  kitchen, a dining table, a fully stocked fridge,a jacuzzi etc.


8.  The Tomorrowland Library
tomorrowland libary

It is hard to believe the existence of a quiet library in a lavish and chaotic festival. But amidst all the ruckus, the bibliophiles can seek solace in the company of their favorite books in the Tomorrowland library.


9. The splendid dining
lavish food

There is a Michelin  rated restaurant inside the enormous Tomorrowland mainstage. A single dish prepared by the finest chefs around the can cost around $ 1,000. But the amounts raised from this are donated to charity.


10. The Floating Stages
tomorrowland floating stages

Tomorrowland has some stages which are literally floating free in the water.  The artists have to take a boat ride in order to reach the stage to perform.

After reading the aforementioned points, one cannot resist the temptation to visit this fest. Well, if you are looking for an exciting, magnificent and fun-filled experience, pack your bags for Tomorrowland!

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