What is the best pick-up line you have heard in a while? Given a chance to approach someone with a cool pick-up line, most of us would pathetically end up blurting complete cliché which is downright trite and boring. And you still wonder why you are single!

This 11-year-old boy named Jensen is giving the big guys some really cool tips to pick up girls. He is using the wittiest  pick-up lines to flirt around with girls.

“If You Are Here Then Who is Running Heaven”

When questioned about being too young for a relationship , he puts on a confident face and says:

“Age is just a number!”

You really need the audacity to approach someone like this:

“Is this your Boyfriend? No?. In That case I am Jensen”

Most of the girls found Jensen immensely adorable and instantly fell for him. Some of them readily gave Jensen their mobile number too. Guys, please take notes because Jensen is giving us all Goals… Real Goals!

This video is a part of a social experiment cum prank carried out by the famous YouTube channel whatever.


Watch the hilarious video here:


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