This Bhuvan (Bam) of TVF’s Lagaan Will Give All Bachelors a Much Needed Diwali Goal

Bhuvan Bam is unquestionably the most popular celebrity of Indian Youtube community this year and his collaboration with The Viral Fever aka TVF is such treat for fans of both the creators.  After the huge success of the first episode of “TVF Bachelors” with Bhuvan Bam, today the team has come up with a new “Diwali special” video and it’s AWESOME!

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This episode is named “Bachelors vs Landlord” and it’s loosely based on the Superhit Bollywood film ‘Lagaan’. Here Bhuvan Bam is playing the character of “Bhuvan” from Lagaan, which was actually played by Amir Khan. This is the story of four male bachelors who just don’t give a shit to the cleanliness. This is how their kitchen looks.

This is the story of four male bachelors who have no habits to keep thing clean like any other bachelor . This is how their kitchen looks.


One bad day, their flat owner spy on them and find all their disgusting habits of filthiness .

BB Ki Vines Bhuvam Bam Tomatoheart

What happens when the Bachelors are challenged by their room owner to clean every corner of the house before Diwali? On the off chance that they succeed, they will be free from paying rent for the following three months. but if they fail, they have to pay “3 Gunaa Rent.

Bachelors vs Landlord ft. BB ki Vines

Apart from Bhuvan Bam, Jasmeet Singh Bhatia ( Jizzy-Veerji Fame) , Badriprasad Chavan and Shivankit Singh Parihar are playing characters of other three bachelors

BB Ki vines TVF Bhuvam Bam GifI loved the humor and the characters, specially Bhuvan. And it perfectly matches our expectation with these guys. What’s your views on this video? Write in the comment section.

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Happy Diwali!

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