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Ajit Doval is the fifth and current National Security Adviser (NSA) to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is also known as the ‘Indian James Bond’. Doval is a retired IPS officer and a former Indian intelligence and law enforcement officer. In his outstanding service till date, he has several illustrious achievements and records to his name. Here are some interesting facts and tales about Ajit Doval that you should know about.

1The mastermind behind the recent Indian surgical strike in Pakistan

Ajit Doval’s meticulous planning skills accompanied with his wisdom and experience led to a successful surgical strike in Pakistan. His valuable assistance and guidance to PM Narendra Modi helped our nation avenge the treacherous Uri attack.

2Participated actively in the anti-insurgency operations in Mizoram

During the Mizo National Front (MNF) insurgency, Ajit Doval won over six of Laldenga’s seven commanders. For most of the time, he remained incognito with the Mizo National Army in the Arakan in Burma and inside the Chinese territory. He then went to Sikkim and assisted during the merger of the state with India.


4Played a pivotal role in the release of passengers from IC-814 in Kandahar in 1999


Doval was one of the three negotiators who negotiated the release of the IC-814 passengers kept as hostages in the infamous hijack incident in Kandahar.


5Ajit Doval was successful in terminating all the 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft from 1971–1999

Owing to his wisdom, careful planning, and persuasive negotiation skills, Doval was successful in terminating the recurrent hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft for 15 times in the period 1971–1999.


6Spent 7 years in disguise in Lahore, Pakistan working as a secret operative

Doval stayed as an undercover agent in Pakistan for seven years disguised as a Pakistani Muslim in Lahore. Here is one of the interesting experiences of that period he shared with the masses.


7He then worked in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad

After he stopped being an undercover agent, he worked in the  Indian High Commission in Islamabad for 6 years.


9Ajit Doval as the Vivekananda International Foundation’s founder Director

In December 2009, Doval became the Vivekananda International Foundation’s founder Director. It is a Spiritually Oriented Organisation and a think tank set up by the Vivekananda Kendra.

10An eloquent and renowned speaker on all topics related to security

Doval has written editorial pieces for several leading newspapers and journals. He has also delivered lectures on India’s security challenges at various renowned government and non-governmental institutions, security think-tanks in India and abroad. Doval has delivered guest lectures on strategic issues at IISS, Washington DC, Australia-India Institute, Capitol Hill, University of Melbourne, London, National Defence College, New Delhi etc.


11Led to the release of 46 Indian nurses trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq

In June 2014, Doval ensured the safe return of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq.  Doval went on a top secret mission and flew to Iraq on 25 June 2014. He made high-level contacts in the Iraqi government. On 5 July 2014, ISIS militants handed the nurses to authorities at Erbil city. The nurses were brought back home to Kochi in the specially arranged planes by the Indian Government.


13Ajit Doval became the youngest police officer ever to be awarded the Police Medal

Doval was the youngest police officer ever to be awarded the Police Medal for his outstanding dedication and service. Usually, this award is presented after 17 years of service, but Doval got it after six years of service in the police.


14Later on, Ajit Doval was also awarded the President’s police medal

Doval also received the prestigious President’s Police Medal. This medal is awarded for either a gallantry or a distinguished service to the nation.


15Ajit Doval also became the first police officer to receive the Kirti Chakra, a military honor

In the year 1988, Ajit Doval was awarded one of the highest gallantry awards, the Kirti Chakra. This medal was previously given only as a military honour. Doval created history by becoming the first police officer to receive this honor.

With a plethora of eminent awards, honors, and records to his name, Ajit Doval is a valuable asset of India. With his impeccable planning, negotiation and spying abilities, he can be undoubtedly called the ‘Indian James Bond’.

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