Everyone aspires to become rich and renowned. While for some it may take decades of toil, commitment and dedication, for others it may be as easy and instant as posting random one liner facts on Twitter. Yes, you heard it right. Read along to discover you can make $500,000 a year just by tweeting random facts on UberFacts. Because this guy is doing exactly the same!


Meet Kris Sanchez, the 25 year old mastermind behind the twitter account UberFacts. UberFacts is one of the most popular accounts on Twitter with a whopping 13.5 million followers. In fact, UberFacts features in the 150 most-followed handles on Twitter. Kris Sanchez first tweeted in 2009 and consequently garnered over 18 million followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Now Sanchez has a flourishing business from a mere investment of his words.

Sanchez says,”It’s actually an interesting business model. I work with publishers who create content for my Twitter and Facebook page and then I get paid based on how much web traffic I bring to their website”.

Sanchez gets paid per post the direct campaigns UberFacts does to support new products or movies. But primarily, his account gets paid for the traffic it generates to the third-party sites.

“It definitely picked up when celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian started re tweeting the account. But it became a business when another company taught me how to monetize from Twitter,” Sanchez said.

It is quite obvious to wonder how Sanchez got the idea to monetize the content he tweets. The company called  ChaCha played a pivotal role in this regard, by reaching out to Sanchez and teaching him the ways to monetize his content.

Sanchez says,”They taught me the way to influence by choosing galleries that really resonate with my audience,” Sanchez said. “They would make galleries like ‘Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Space’ or ‘7 Facts You Won’t Believe About the Human Body’. So things that just really fit the audience.”


Have look on some of his latest tweets:







It all began with simple text tweets on Twitter and now it has propagated to images and video posts on Instagram, where he gets the most engaged following.

Sanchez is now expanding his business beyond the electronic media. He recently launched a UberFacts book called “Cats Are Capable of Mind Control: And 1,000+ UberFacts You Never Knew You Needed to Know.”


This book is a fascinating collection of shocking, educational, and absurd facts and that are very entertaining, hilarious and bizarre. A treat for Sanchez’s followers.

Watch this impressive interview with Sanchez, where he opens up about his journey to where he is today.


His journey is an inspiration for the youngsters to think out of the box and believe in their ideas. Who knows you may be the next Kris Sanchez!

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