A Day With R.D. Sharma: A Tribute to the Unsung Heroes Who Helped Us Pass Board Exams

Do you remember the savior who helped you wade through the mathematics board exam? Welcome to the world of R.D. Sharma, where precision and accuracy are the chief indispensables. The guiding principle of his life is:

If life gives you problems, answer is always on the last page.

This hilarious video revolves around a reporter who comes to interview R.D. Sharma on the eve of Teacher’s Day but the poor thing ends up giving a viva. He is astonished to see the overly pedantic lifestyle of the famous math book author who happens to be extremely fastidious.

Every household chore is converted to a mathematics problem and only the keen love and knowledge of mathematics can help one to get through it. While you may hate math to the core, you will surely enjoy its funny illustration.

The humor shoots to a totally new tangent when R.D. Sharma is joined by his neighbor, H.C. Verma, the Physics legend who lives vertically opposite to his house. Watch the humorous turn of events when the hell wreaks on the poor soul.


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