This quote above is very short but very powerful. We often fail to realize the importance of the teachers in our lives. Teacher’s Day is celebrated worldwide on different dates to commemorate the importance of teachers. In India, we celebrate ‘Teacher’s Day’ on 5th September every year to give tribute to the contribution made by ‘Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’ in the field of education. He was the second president of India. He was born on September 5, 1888.


Teachers do not imply our school and college teachers alone, our friends, parents can be our teachers too. We may fail to recognize them and express our gratitude to them but this doesn’t diminish their importance in our lives.

Here we list down 10 people you must thank on ‘Teacher’s Day’!!


How often do you take a moment from busy life, to thank your parents? They were the ones who taught us how to utter our first word. They were there to help us when we were struggling with our first steps. They are always there to help us and guide us.


If you are among the few, who got the opportunity to spend time with your grandparents, consider yourself fortunate. You may not have realized, but you must have imbibed some percent of their wisdom. They are the most experienced teachers one can have, so thank them today.


Yes, I know siblings can be annoying sometimes or rather most of the time. But, they are the best teachers one can have. While our elder siblings enrich us with their valuable life experiences, our younger siblings teach us about the need to be less stressed and be more vivacious in life.

4Kindergarten Teachers

How can one forget those cherubic faces who taught us how to hold a pencil? Those angels have given us the strong foundation on which our present day personality is built. One can never thank them enough, for being so patient and polite with us.

5School Teachers

They are one of the most precious gems of our life, else how could we do the dreaded math calculations? How could we understand the laws and principles of science?  They have enriched us with knowledge, and we should be thankful to them.


6Sports Teacher

Have you ever realized the importance of the sports teacher in your life? More chances are that your answer is in negative. But, they teach us so many valuable life lessons. They teach us about hard work, sportsmanship, healthy competition and most importantly how to accept defeat.

7Arts Teacher

They belong to the most ignored class of teachers. We usually fail to realize that how they bring out the creative streak in us. They help us discover our hidden talents and hone them further.


Our friends have the same madness and craziness as us, but they are the most wonderful teachers one can have. Whether you are going through a breakup or in a dilemma regarding your career, friends can give you pearls of wisdom. And we can’t thank them enough for this.


Seniors are saviors. Whether it be helping in the academics or teaching the freshers the skills for surviving the college life, the seniors have everything covered. If you are fortunate enough you can find a life- long mentor in your senior. They deserve our gratitude.


No matter how much we hate to admit, but we can’t deny the importance of our bosses in our lives. They teach us how to strive for perfection and how to be consistent. They bring out the competitive edge in us and we should be thankful to them.


What are you thinking? Go ahead and make the best use of the occasion of ‘Teacher’s Day’ to express your gratitude to these awesome people in your life.

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