Released on July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go has been making rounds on the Internet for both good and bad reasons. I did some digging on the topic ‘10 reasons why you shouldn’t play Pokémon Go game in India ‘. Read Along to please your senses with some really bizarre and funny points. But firstly, let’s know a bit about Pokémon Go.



Developed by Niantic, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game with single player and multiplayer modes. It uses GPS to locate the other Pokémon Go users in the vicinity and thus alerts and allows them to wait in ambush and attack. The game allows players to capture, battle and train the virtual Pokémon who appears to be real.


Inspired by the slogan ‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’ the users are crossing all levels of absurdity and are landing themselves in dangerous situations.

For all the bad and hilarious reasons for which Pokémon Go is making rounds of news over the Internet, here is a list of 10 reasons why game shouldn’t be played in India:

1.Those potholes can injure you seriously!    

Running absent minded on roads while looking into the mobile screen, chuckling over an attack-plan perhaps, may lead you to severe accidents and injuries. With the monsoon season on, it’s quite likely that the roads in India will not be any closer to safe, or will be there at all! No Pokémon Go player would ever want to end up being in an open pothole in India.

2. You can be robbed or attacked for money!
Silhouettes of man putting gun to woman's head

Some wicked Pokémon Go player may lure you into an attack in some deserted or isolated areas, while waiting in ambush. With no help available in the near surroundings, you may fall prey to their robbery plan. Recently, the incidents of gunpoint robbery have been reported in Missouri (U.S.).Even in India, attacks on gunpoint are becoming a common scene in cities like Gurgaon, of late. Introducing a game with security issues like Pokémon Go may further escalate the problem.

3. This fun-packed game may turn out to be your worst nightmare!

It may sound bizarre, but you may near-death experience with Pokémon Go. Recently, a teenager from Wyoming discovered a man floating in the Wind River early in the morning when trying to catch pokémon from a ‘natural water resource’.

4. “Pokemoning” while driving may give you a trip to hospital

While the need for wider roads and strict traffic rules was always felt in India to counter the ever increasing road accidents, games like Pokémon Go can aggravate the condition. “Pokemoning” while driving has already become a serious traffic concern in foreign countries. So, it must be avoided at all costs in India.

5.  Heated arguments and verbal disputes may create a commotion on the road

We Indians tend to be highly competitive, but at the same time, most of us are very impatient and short tempered. Pokémon Go players lacking sportsmanship may create a ruckus on the road, which is totally an eyesore.


6. It may cause nuisance in the workplace and may even get you fired!



No matter how much Pokémon Go may appeal to the users through the world, there is one species in the world which will not tolerate such ruckus in the work hours and that is called ‘Boss’. A Pokémon Go enthusiast will never like walking up to a notice like this in his/her office.

7. Your favorite hangout spot may be snatched

Imagine an elderly couple sitting in peace and enjoying a beautiful day in their favorite hangout spot. Now imagine a bunch of noisy and frenzied people ruining the peace with their absurd attacks and jargon. You can feel sympathy for the couple.


8. Vandalism of public property


With the people going haywire while playing Pokémon Go, sanity is the last thing you can expect from them. The aesthetic appeal of a place may be attacked with vandalism. India is already short of picturesque streets and cannot afford vandalism of any kind.

9. May cause breach of decorum in public places

Running self-absorbed and abruptly in all directions, may puzzle others and cause them to feel inconvenient and ill at ease. This chaotic situation is hugely undesirable in public places.

10. May cause inconvenience to authorities of law and order

In a Pokémon Go clash, the law and order authorities may find it difficult to soothe the harried and distracted players. This may turn out to be amusing in addition to being an utter chaos. The meme below explains it well.



Bonus point:  Pokémon Go may also cause political stir in India.!

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressing during 'Auto Samwaad' in Burari ground in New Delhi on Sunday. Photo by K Asif 17/05/15


Unless the aforesaid issues are dealt with, India wouldn’t be the best place to play Pokémon Go.

With so much hilarious and bad news circulating around about Pokémon Go, we can expect these hilarious slogans in India:

 “Pokémon NO! ”  ,  ” Pokémon Go Back! “

Do you know any more reasons to add to this story? Write in the comment section below.



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