Evers since its impactful release, people are going haywire over their favorite game, Pokémon GO. As if Pokémon GO wasn’t already making weird news around the globe, more of such absurd news keep flowing in every another day. In a recent news, a Russian woman makes a weird claim that she was raped by a Pokémon GO character in her apartment.




This married woman says that she was playing the game before she fell asleep. Later, she woke up to find a Pokémon GO character on top of her body and raping her. She further says that the Pokémon GO character disappeared into the thin air as soon as she sprung out of her bed, but her mobile phone could still detect its presence on her bed.




She immediately narrated the weird incident to her husband, who in turn informed the police. The police dismissed the complaint after considering it to be a mere hoax. The police also advised the lady to see a psychiatrist. Even the psychic, that the woman consulted, wasn’t able to help her. Then conceding to her husband’s advice, she fixed an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Ivan Makarov, a friend of the woman, said:
She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokemon GO.




Whether it is a gimmick or an illusionary vision seen by the woman, it is a fact that the Pokémon GO fans are crossing all the limits of sanity and are going berserk after the game. There have also been numerous incidents of injuries, robbery and even deaths resulting from the insane playing of this game. It is important to demarcate the boundaries of a virtual reality game like Pokémon GO, otherwise, the world can be soon turned into a chaotic hell.

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