Ughh! Even the very thought of selling used panties makes me feel nasty. But there are people who are carrying on this business of selling used panties.

There is a big market for this too! It may sound stupid but yes there are online sites that sell used panties to gratify sexual pleasures of their customers.,, are some of them.

But what makes us more surprised is the 21-year-old student who wore a panty continuously for 3 weeks without washing it and sold it for $5000 on SofiaGray, an online site for buying and selling used undies.
She told cosmopolitan, “I saw that some girls were making good money from this, so I thought I’d try it out,” adding, “I try to list three or four pairs each week, although I can get a bit lazy.”

She sold her used panties for six months on the site and earned up to $4000 until she met a buyer who was ready to give her $5000 for one panty on the condition that the panty should be worn by her continuously for 3 weeks.

I wonder how people could even think of such ridiculous deals!!

“Luckily I live by myself and tried to stay indoors for most of the three weeks, so no one could notice,” she said, continuing that the money was going “straight toward school fees!” she quoted.

Although this experience was like a nightmare to her and she has no plans to fetch such a deal in future.


The used panty selling business might sound something new to people who are not aware of the award winning comedy-drama Orange is the new Black where Piper Chapman recruited a fellow female to wear a panty for two or three days and then smuggle it out for profit.

Just to gratify sexual desires people are playing with hygiene issues which is definitely not a good idea. This used-panty selling trade might seem a good idea to many who want to fetch a good amount of money in just no time and to others it might make them puke out.

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