Child sexual abuse is not limited to normal people but even celebrities. Few celebrities have suffered from this assault. While most of the celebrities who were sexually abused in the childhood do not talk about it openly, but few of these celebrities became an inspiration when they talked about it in the media. They not only described the situation but also about the chronic depression they suffered from.

Here we have listed 11 illustrious celebrities who were sexually abused in the childhood.

1Kalki Koechlin

With no intention of making it a headline, Kalki revealed that she was sexually abused when she was a child. While talking about her darkest secret, Kalki added in the interview, “For me, it’s not a one-day headline, it’s something that’s a reality I have lived with for a long time.”.

2Somi Ali

A Pakistani girl who was also a part of Bollywood industry a few years back shared her gloomy experience of being sexually assaulted at the tender age of 5 years. Somi accepted that she was assaulted by a house-help. Somi grew up against a backdrop of domestic violence in Pakistan. The ex-girlfriend of Bollywood actor Salman Khan inspires students whenever she visits US universities. She advises them to stop this act and not being ashamed of it.

3Sofia Hayat

She recently came up in the news when she left the glamor world and entered the world of saints and nuns. Gorgeous beauty candidly spoke about her murky experience of being sexually assaulted by her uncle. The British-born actress also filed a complaint against one of her housemates, Armaan Kohli for ‘assaulting’ her.

4Oprah Winfrey

Regarded as the Mughal of the talk show was raped many years ago by a cousin and family friend. Apart from this, Oprah was sexually assaulted two times. It is after years when Oprah talked about it openly and inspired people to not let these experiences stop them from achieving their dreams.

5Anoushka Shankar

Daughter of the Legendary sitar player, Ravi Shankar confessed her shady experience at an event of  global women’s rights campaign. She talked about the experience of being sexually abused by a family friend whom her family trusted completely. She felt devastated for years after this sexual and emotional abuse.

6Anurag Kashyap

Filmmaker Anurag has experienced this brutal experience for as long as 11 years. He confessed that he was sexually abused by a 22-year-old man. He further added that when he met him recently after many years, the pervert was guilt-ridden so he decided to forgive him and move ahead in life leaving the nightmare behind.

7Lady Gaga

Prolific Hollywood singer shared a traumatic experience and shocked everybody. She accepted that she was raped by a 20 year older man while she was 19 years old studying in a Catholic School. She also dedicated one of her song “Swine” on demoralization and rape. Lady Gaga took several therapy sessions and it took around 4-5 years for her to overcome this incident.

8Carlos Santana

Actor from the ‘Supernatural’ talked about her dusky experience from his childhood at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards. Legendary guitarist Carlos spoke that he was sexually abused by a family friend between the span of 12-14 years of age.

9Gabrielle Union

The actress confessed about being sexually abused at the age of 19. She said that she was sexually harassed at a gunpoint while working at a shoe store. According to her,”I wanted to embrace being a survivor. I was raised to be an independent woman. That’s the road I decided to take.”

10Ozzy Osbourne

The rock God talked about her ordeal of being sexually molested daily by two male mates in school. The singer took various therapy sessions to ease the sadness and pain which scarred him for life.


Singing sensation Madonna shared her shadowy experience of being sexually abused by a man on the rooftop of the building. Madonna experienced this while she came to the New York city first time in the early 80’s.

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