When the  world talks so much about sexual harassment , we generally think they are talking about girls. We tend to forget to bring boys into consideration when we talk about sexual abuse. There are many cases in this society which deal with the sexual harassment of a boy. The present society believes in some myths about the male sexual harassment .We have to rise above these myths and come to terms with reality.


Here are 7 myths about sexual harassment of men that you must know to better understand our unhealthy society.

1Boys who are sexually abused can never become a man

We have this very wrong notion that a boy who has been sexually abused will never be able to become a man. We so easily forget that he was young and helpless when he was used by someone powerful and strong. A boy who has been abused at his childhood doesn’t necessarily imply that he will lack in manliness. Vulnerable boys who faced sexual harassment  during their childhood doesn’t remain the same when they grow up. They can also become successful adults.

2Boy who experienced sexual arousal during abuse has enjoyed the experience

Boys and men tend to believe in this myth and suffer from a lot of guilt because of this belief. We have to remember that males can respond to sexual stimulation, even if the experience is traumatic or painful.

3Sexual Abuse is less harmful for boys

We always have this tendency of believing that a sexual abuse is more harmful to a girl than it is for a boy. We are so blind to the actual factors that cause damage to a sexually abused person. Gender is hardly a factor that decides the intensity of a sexual harassment.

4Most Sexual Abuse of Boys is committed by Homosexual Men

We have to understand that a person who abuses a boy is not necessarily expressing homosexuality. They maybe people suffering from an identity crisis and some kind of a frustration. They may suffer from a desire to sexually abuse and manhandle a child and accordingly act on that desire.

5Boys abused by males must be gay or will become gay

Very funnily, according to this society, a boy who has been sexually abused will become a homosexual in the future. Yes! It’s a fact that the boy when faces a sexual abuse at such an innocent age, he does face confusions about his sexual orientation. But that does not mean he will necessarily become a homosexual in the future. He has every possibility of becoming a mature heterosexual man and it happens most of the time.

6If a boy has been sexually abused by a female then he is lucky

The belief that a boy, if sexually used by a female, happens to be lucky , is very disgusting. We have to remember that any sexual experience, if not approved by the boy is not an enjoyment for him. Even if it’s a seductive older woman, still the boy suffers from confusion and fear. His masculinity doesn’t confirm that he will enjoy every sexual act.

7Every sexually abused male will go on to become sexual abusers

The wrong notion that every male who has been sexually abused will go on to become a sexual abuser has to be given up. This myth is very dangerous as it may cause fear among boys. They may fear of becoming abusers moreover they may even be afraid of sharing their sufferings,for the fear of being judged as abusers.

These Myths about male sexual harassment proves that the society has to wake up. They have to realize that a boy gets equally damaged and affected when he is sexually manhandled.

It is the time that we should understand the true meaning of equality and treat the victim of sexual harassment, be it a boy or a girl, in the same way. They need our help and support to revive  from the trauma and helplessness that they feel .

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