The Internet is swooning around the cutest love story of Cole and Sherri. Both toddlers are 10 years old living in Montgomery, Texas and are dating for about a year now.

cole and sherri

According to Sherri’s mom, Nicole Rodriguez,

“their relationship began when Cole asked Sherri to homecoming after “having a little crush on her” in fourth grade. They are now in fifth grade.”
Nicole further assured about the kids, “He plays competitive baseball, and she plays competitive soccer, so they go to each other’s games and watch each other. “It’s not too much more than that. We go out to dinner as families, but they don’t go on any solo dates or anything.”

Cole’s mother, Brandi Lanclos and her son were present at the Soccer match on Sunday, while Sherri tore her ACL and had to get surgery to repair it.”

sherri playing soccer
Brandi said,“He came home that night and said, ‘I want to write her a letter and get her something to make her feel better.”
cole and sherri letter

Lanclos got emotional when she read the letter written by her son for Sherri as a gesture of caring. She said that when she read the note, she “actually got teary-eyed because [she] didn’t know that he could write a letter like that at this age”. “I thought it was really sweet, And it made me proud to know he can express the feeling that way for her.”

 As Sherri was not able to play and was watching the Soccer match from the sidelines, Cole surprised her with the letter as well as a cookie cake and a teddy bear.
cole and sherri gift

Lanclos said, ““Sherri got all excited” when she saw Cole across the field.

“Her eyes lit up and she started giggling,” she said. “It was a really sweet moment.”.

Sherri’s cousin Gabriella tweeted the note and it melted the heart of people across the internet.

This post made everyone overflow with their emotions and they expressed it through their tweets.

Rodriguez who is protective about her child as every other parent said,” she was a bit uncertain when she first found out that Cole and Sherri likes each other, but now she sees their bond as “completely natural” and “definitely heartfelt.”


cole and sherri

“He told her from the very get-go that he loves that she’s funny, cute, sporty, she has a good personality, and that’s what he really loves about her,” Rodriguez said.

“I think it’s really sweet that they have that connection.”

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