For all those who grew up in the late 90s, Shaktimaan needs no introduction. He was probably the first and the most successful Superhero of India. The news of a possible return of our favorite desi Superman takes us back to those Sunday afternoons when we all kids used to sit together in a room to watch Shaktimaan saving the world on good old Doordarshan.

Superhero Shaktimaan Is Back Tomatoheart Tomato Heart

Yes, Mukesh Khanna, who played superhero Shaktimaan in the series is already planning to bring this most loved superhero of India back on TV within a few months or within this year, if everything goes according to plans.

In the meantime, two avid fans of Shaktimaan, Nitin Swaroop, and Dushyant Kapoor decided to give tribute to their most loved superhero by creating this awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping trailer of Shaktimaan.

It’s not a remixed or cut-copy-paste version of the old Shaktimaan’s video clip but they have created this video from scratch with all the VFX work done by their in-house team.

I personally loved the new enhanced costume of Shaktimaan the most. It looks enriching and certainly has all the modern feel of new-era superheroes that we all love to see in Hollywood these days.

Shaktiman fan made trailer tomatoheart tomato heart

Let’s watch this video now:


In fact, this team is preparing themselves to make their own web-series based on this superhero. Here is what they wrote in their video description.

“Share your love so that we can develop our webs-eries on Shaktimaan.”

We wish them good luck for making this web-series and also waiting for the actual series to come back on our TV screen soon.

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