For most people glued to their TV sets this year, their minds were probably waiting for the Oscar Awards or catching the turmoil unfold with Trump in the White House. But Cartoon Network puts the chaos to some rest as it brings back one of its finest gems- Samurai Jack.

When We Last Saw The Samurai

The highly acclaimed series gave viewers a final look in September 2004 leaving Jack’s story in a nail-biting cliffhanger. The long hiatus had dampened hopes of any future renditions until creator Genndy Tartakovsky announced in 2015 that the series would return. Fans had even organised online petitions for creating a movie to conclude the series but never gained much attention.

Samurai Jack remains a fan favourite for any cartoon lover who grew up during the 90’s. What made the series timeless was its use of artistic elements wrapped in action, suspense and a deep yearning for closure. Jack has ravaged through Aku’s land of evil, charting enemies and making friends along the way while finding a way back home.

What’s To Expect From The New Installment

Firstly, the series is being released under Adult Swim’s banner. Creators had previously stated that the series would focus on mature elements while uncovering the action and humor that made the series unforgettable. The season is expected to consist of ten episodes which will take audiences to different paths with each episode’s end.


Taking place fifty years after the original series’ ending, future episodes will show viewers a whole new shade of the character who’s rumoured to kill a person for the first time. Mako Iwamatsu, who lent his iconic voice for Aku, sadly passed away in 2006. This prompted creators to choose Greg Baldwin as his voice actor. Familiar faces from the past such as the Scotsman will also return.

The episodes released have already created a buzz on social media with critics awarding them with critical acclaim. Fans are still gearing to see an epic conclusion leading to a jaw- dropping finale between Jack and Aku.


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