After a lengthy televised political brawl, Uttar Pradesh now has a name for its new Chief Minister and his name is “Yogi Adityanath”. Like any leader born in the Indian political playfield, the BJP leader has a history that the common man should know.

Here Are 11 interesting facts behind the Yogi Adityanath dominating current discussions

1Always at the center of controversies for his extreme far right ideals, Adityanath is the successor to former Hindu Maha Sabha president Mahant Avaidyanath who shared the mission to convert other religions to Hinduism.

2Adityanath’s original birth( June 5th, 1972) name was Ajay Singh which he changed after adopting priesthood. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, Uttarakhand.

3Despite fitting the bill as a compatible candidate more than five times, he has never been on good terms with the BJP. Adityanath was among a handful of BJP members who did not agree to the party’s stance on the Women’s Reservation Bill in 2010.

4Yogi Adityanth won a seat as a Member of the 12th Lok Sabha in 1998 from the Gorakhpur constituency, being the youngest legislator of the Lok Sabha. He’s held the position from the same constituency five times.

5His time in politics isn’t devoid of criminal cases. Charges and accusations include rioting, attempt to murder, arms possession. Others include endangering life or personal safety of others, trespassing on burial places and criminal intimidation.

6The biggest blot on Yogi Adityanath’s career remains the incitement of the 2007 Gorakhpur riots. After accusations strengthened, his organization( Hindu Yuva Vahini) retaliated by setting fire to trains.

7He has been one of the largest figures to bring up the issue of religious conversions in relationships asserting that ‘if one Hindu girl is converted to Islam then they will convert 100 Muslim women to Hinduism’.

8Yogi Adityanath is believed to be the originator of a “purification” drive for conversion of Christians to Hinduism in 2005 which stunned the nation. Following radical beliefs, in 2015, he stated that Indians who don’t like yoga should leave the country and be drowned.

9He is a strong supporter of the “anti-Romeo squads” that strike on public displays of affection, especially among unmarried couples.He has been saying that the squad will work towards restoring the pride of women.

10Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini launched a mission to declare the cow as “Rashtra Maata” (mother of the nation). It even started a missed-call subscription initiative in Aligarh to gather support for the cause.

11Yogi Adityanath is one of BJP’s prominent members and has been included in its list of poll campaigners numerous times.

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