What is global warming?



Everyone chants together:

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“An increase in the Earth’s temperature, generally attributed to the Green House Effect, caused due to an increase in the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere due to various human activities.”

So, it is a common knowledge that we conscience fewer humans have done our best to call upon us the ‘the judgment day’ well before its scheduled arrival. And that global warming would lead to melting of glaciers and hence, rise above the sea level, ultimately drowning us all.

But wait!

Antarctica is gaining more ice than it’s losing

A few months ago, NASA made an announcement about Antarctica gaining more ice. This announcement was made after analyzing the satellite images of the heights of the region’s ice sheet. The paper is titled “mass gains of the Antarctic ice sheets exceed losses” and was published in the Journal of Glaciology. This information contradicts the prevailing claims of shrinking of Antarctica. The authors of this study belong to NASA ‘s Goddard space flight center.

Although the cause of this ice gain isn’t entirely known but a number of theories have been put forward. What’s worth mentioning here is that many of the NASA scientists do not agree with NASA’s global warming stance, even though many of the world’s top scientists put the massive emphasis on the impact of the green house gasses on climate change.

This brings us to the conclusion that there are other factors leading to climate change.


Recently, Antarctic ice extent reached an all-time high.(source)

There are many speculations as to why that would have happened. One popular stance is that it is the result of global warming, but not everyone agrees. However, it is an evident fact that whenever it comes to global warming a lot of emphases is put on human activities.

While there is no doubt that our deeds have been destructive towards the environment, but blaming ourselves entirely for the change in the climate is going overboard about it. One shouldn’t overlook the might of nature. Also, Humans are mighty but not Almighty.


Let’s talk about natural cycles of climate change that Earth experiences, and has experienced. It is a scientific fact that fluctuations in the solar cycle influence earth’s temperature, and so do other massive celestial bodies roaming around in our solar system.

The most recent research on the concerned issue has been presented by Valentina Zharkova, a mathematics professor at Northumbria University (UK), in the National Astronomy meeting. She presented a model holding 97% accuracy (the highest ever), which predicts that earth is headed towards a mini ice age in about 15 years. Similar situations existed 370 years ago on planet Earth.

While we were all hoping to die of the consequent effects of global warming, how heartwarming it is to know that ice age awaits at our doors?


Now, nobody is saying that go on humans, ruin the Earth because ultimately earth does what it does. Our mindless activities do hasten the destructive processes. This article only wishes to draw your attention towards the other factors leading to climate change. Okay?



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