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Love Horror movies? This is good news for you then!!

2017 is a year full of horror line-ups. Horror movie fans know one thing : it’s never really over. Whether it’s a remake, reboot, or just another sequel, horror franchises always find a way to come back after their “final” installment.

1. Amityville: The awakening

Wasn’t it supposed to be released back in 2015? Yes, this is the same movie. It had been delayed due to various reasons and now it is up for release.

Belle and folks move into a new house. Soon enough strange phenomena start to occur in the house. Belle starts suspecting that something is being hidden from her. Soon she realizes that they have just moved into the ill-famed Amityville house.

Mark 6th January 2017 on your calendars.

3. The Bye Bye Man

A horror-thriller movie which exposes the evil behind the most unspeakable acts that can be committed by man. There is one and only one way to avoid Bye Bye Man’s curse: don’t think it, don’t say it. But what if he gets in your head?


4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The movie series is based on Capcom’s hugely popular video game series. This is the final installment in the most popular and successful video game film franchise ever. Alice who is the only survivor now has to return to where it all started-The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering.

Mark 27th January 2017 on your calendars.


6. Annabelle 2

A sequel to the horror flick Annabelle is on the way. Or is it a prequel? The plot outline seems to suggest that it might end up a prequel instead of a sequel.

Mark 19th May 2017 on your calendars.

7. It

This clown surely gives us creeps more than scaring us. Things won’t be the same without our great Tim Curry, but there will be something good about this originally made for TV movie.

Mark 8th September 2017, on your calendars.

8. Insidious: Chapter 4

Horror series Insidious is now up with its 4th part. Blumhouse will surely make up something scary and weird for us.


Mark 27th October 2017, on your calendars.

9. Chucky 7

Years ago Chucky asked us if we wanted to play and our answer has always been a yes. As the 7th part rolls us, Chucky still haunts her victim Nica. This part will also show the return of Chucky’s ex-wife.


11. Halloween Returns

It is one of the most delayed movies of all times. It has gone through several changes in the past seven years.The movie will bring back the classic Michael Myers

Mark 23th June 2017, on your calendars.

12. Saw Legacy

It is the 8th installment of the Saw series. But then we can’t stop watching Billy the creepy-ass puppet.

Mark 27th October 2017 on your calendars.


13. Hellraiser: Judgement

It is the tenth movie in the Hellraiser saga.  The sad news of Doug Bradley not returning as Hell Priest “Pinhead” came as a shock to horror fans. The addition of “Nightmare on Elm Street” Final Girl Heather Langenkamp only makes us want it more now.


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