Meet the world’s hottest math teacher- Oksana Neveselaya. This Belarusian stunner has taken the internet by storm as a classroom video of her goes viral.

Let us get to know a bit more about this hot and intelligent teacher.

Let’s start with the fact that Oksana Neveselaya is not from Russia as mentioned almost everywhere on the Internet, but from Minsk, Belarus. Minsk is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Belarus which is bordered by Russia to the northeast.
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She describes herself as a sensual Maths teacher.
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Maths can be difficult for many students. But we really can’t blame her students if they are more interested in her long flowing blond hair than on the equation that she writes on the board.
Oksana has won a huge number of hearts through a short video clip, where she is addressing her class in a sleeveless grey dress and cage sandals.

Oksana’s teaching video has made her an overnight celebrity. In the 45 seconds video, she was seen addressing her class before turning back to write the equation on the board.
Various versions of her video have reached hundreds of thousands of views.
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This hot math teacher’s viral video led to a huge rise  of followers on her social media accounts.
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