When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

UN declared 21st September as International Day of Peace in 1981. Every year people, political and military observer groups and many countries devote this day to strengthen peace efforts in the world.

But is there any peace left in this world? After all the terror attacks that have happened in the past 9 months, do we really expect a peace day to solve everything?

international peace day

I sometimes wonder that why are we still on a quest to peace. Day by day our lust for power is increasing. The power yearning is not only increasing amongst individuals but also among countries. The fear of terrorism is making this world a lethal place to live in. Wars come to an end after a while but their after effects prevail in several years that come by. They cannot be buried under the pages of history.

Terror attacks have gripped the entire world, be it turkey or Kashmir, New york or Paris no country has remained a virgin from these attacks. Terrorism has crossed every boundary and is moving like a black cloud gripping each country in its claws.

international peace day

Although UN has presented numerous theories and models for peace but practically none of them seem to work. Countries have shattered the peace theory. Humankind is paying the price for racism, intolerance, and terrorism.


Albert Einstein famously said-  “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” but when will we really understand it?

UN has been working really hard on the peace agenda but we are just putting fire on their efforts.
Do we really need a peace day? Can’t we live in peace throughout the year?

martin-luther-king-jr-tomatoheartWhen we start sending sweets instead of guns and friendship instead of terrorism, then only we can expect the condition of this world to improve. Then we can proudly celebrate this international day of peace.

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