Do I really need to clear that the title of this post is just a sarcastic comment on the recent #SalmansVerdict and has nothing to do with reality ? If so, I just did that.

One of Bollywood’s biggest stars has been released of shooting and killing vanishing species of animals a month after creating upheaval over his controversial rape comment.

While the ‘mor’ was ‘naaching’ in their ‘hivdas’ “Salman Bhai” went to for some real fun.

Bollywood’s over-aged brat Salman Khan was acquitted by the Rajasthan High Court in two poaching matters. The cases were dragged on for 18 long years and ended with a release. Salman Khan got away with this as well.  The court quoted that the bullets recovered from the Chinkaras were not fired from the actor’s licensed gun.

The driver of the jeep that was used by Khan and his co-stars on their suspected hunting mission has been absent, fading the prosecution’s case against the Sultan star.

Last year,  Mumbai court reversed the actor’s conviction in a 13-year-old deadly hit-and-run case in which he was blamed for running over a sleeping homeless man.

And last month Salman created uproar amongst national women’s group, film critics, and Twitter users on after quoting that his workout sessions for his film, Sultan made him feel like a ‘raped woman.’

Renowned wildlife conservationist and also the Secretary of Tourism & Wildlife Society of India, Harsh Vardhan, said that he was “unhappy” with the verdict. “It is amusing how easily the lower court’s judgment was overturned by the High Court. The Government should challenge the verdict and appeal in the Supreme Court.”
Wildlife expert Dhirendra Godha said,

“If Salman Khan did not kill the gazelles, then who killed them?” Timmie Kumar, trustee of Help in Suffering, an NGO, which is “for helping suffering animals and all living things”. He further said that “whoever kills animals should be handed out punishment and sent to jail. Salman’s case was highlighted on account of his status, but there are several offenders who go scot free in connivance with government officials. It is sad that poaching still goes on in Rajasthan.”

Another wildlife expert, Rupesh Kant Vyas, said

” This is a total failure of the police and forest department. The lower courts had convicted him, and it was the job of the government to see to it that it was upheld by the High Court. Now, without wasting time, the government should appeal in the apex court.”

I personally feel that just hiding behind the tag of “Being Human“ doesn’t make you a good human. Your deeds do. And No, you are not being a human by doing all this and then not owning up to it. Be a Man and own up to it.

By doing deeds like these,  He is becoming “Sultan” of acquittals.

Twitterati believes nobody killed the Chinkaras. They took a gun to their head.

Akshar Pathak also couldn’t stop himself from joining the group of people making fun of the acquittal.

The Pixelate, a page on Facebook couldn’t keep it’s humor about Salman Bhai to itself. Check out the amazing movie posters made by them.

Salman Khan is the worst superstar to be followed by our youth and shouldn’t be considered an idol. Check out our post where we have given you real reasons why you shouldn’t idolize or follow Salman Bhai.

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