I scream, I cry, I shout in pain,
Knock knock, can you hear me?

I see you in my dream, this time again,
Knock knock, can you see me?

I lament over you, plead you to stay,
Knock knock, can you wait for me?

Knock knock.

I recall your smile and the first ‘Hey’,
Knock knock, can you feel me?

I try to smile, but can’t stop crying,
Knock knock, can you heal me?

I hear nothing now, no pain, no feeling,
I am numb, is the wound healing?

Knock knock.

No, it’s not; I get it, right?
‘Cause I am left with no more pain, no more fright,

And now I go, people know the reason why,
Leave with nothing, but a mere goodbye,

But wait! You need to do something for me,
My one last wish before you leave me,

Knock knock, can you end this suffering and kill me?

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