A few years ago, this tattered 10 rupee note with a gloomy message cautioning men began circulating on the net. Even in 2016, Sonam remains bewafa and men must be careful. Sonam Gupta has been declared as an international bewafa. Sonam Gupta’s untrustworthy ways have been trending ever since, with hashtags such as #sonamguptabewafahai, #sonambewafa, and #sonamgupta being a hit.

The internet goes berserk with “Sonam Gupta bewafa hai” memes. Here are few hilarious ones:

1National Bewafa

2Sonam’s rate has increased from Rs 10 to Rs 2000


3Xander Cage effect


4Sonam goes international


5Sonam’s effect on Supermoon

6Bollywood finds meme for everything


7Even on Cheques? Dafuq !!

8Raghuram Rajan is also a victim of Sonam’s effect.

9Obama and Modi discussing Sonam.


10What exactly is this?

This is how Twitterati reacted

11Unesco getting involved

12They found her Boyfriend

13Queen of England

14Notes for Sonam Lovers

15Sonam Gupta is eternal like Gandhi Ji

16From Dollar to Pound


17official Bewafa declared by US govt.

18International Bewafa

19Modi Ji has also declared it

20Even Mark Zuckerberg has certified it

21Ghajini effect


22Donald Trump Practiced Hindi to say this!

If you have more such memes, message us or let us know in the comments section.