The first season of TVF’s parody talk show – Barely speaking with Arnub was a huge success. It created a whole new level of expectation for any other talk show to be as witty as this.

A few days back, TVF had released a prologue video for the second season of  We all loved it and have also covered the video on our website. In fact, it was so good that it successfully gathered more than a million views on Youtube in less than a week. We were thinking if this trailer is so cool , how cool will be the actual show. 

The first episode of this talk show is out now and it features Sunny Leone.

Oooh Lala!!

But wait, I just watched it and see how I look now
Karenjit Kaur Vohra? Seriously??

OK!! I could not register the name at once when Arnub said it.  We all know her by the name “Sunny Leone”. Right? But that’s not an issue at all for me if the punch were better.

The first season had countless really hilarious scenes. He was actually the angrier and wittier version of the real Arnab. But this time!

No offense but Arnub you sucked in this video.
sunny leone- TVF Arnub tomatoheart-4

You will hate the part where Arnub confuses her with Sunny Deol and puts up questions like, “Are these rumors true that you have an equally beautiful and way less talented younger sister called Bobby Leone?”

All I could find in the video was meaningless sponsor integration. The audience can clearly figure out that Jabong had stuffed your pockets a little more this season. At least you could have packed the gift in nicer ways and the put Jabong logo on it. Even Kapil Sharma takes care of fancy gift packaging while doing Lava phones integration on his show. Integration should be in a way that it could naturally fit the shots ( and it used to be this way in your previous videos)

sunny leone- TVF Arnub tomatoheart-2
We completely acknowledge the fact that you have to keep your sponsors happy but what about keeping the audience happy?

We all had our hopes high after the prologue but then this was a real let down.

The show was pointless, boring and clearly lacked humor. It was evident on Sunny’s face that she wasn’t enjoying it either. The show felt like it was made without any script or preparation.

sunny leone- TVF Arnub tomatoheart-3
Sunny we feel really sorry for you that you had to go through sheer torture for those 15 minutes.

Being a die-hard Qtiyapa fan, it really hurts to see TVF going down. But if you think it’s just me who thinks so. Let’s look at some comment reactions of other TVF fans:

Since this video is not uploaded on YouTube yet and hence can’t be embed here. You will presently find this only on TVFPlay.

Go and Watch the Video and judge it by yourself.

Click here to watch this video on TVFPlay.

That was a literally the worst start for any season ever made by TVF. As a true TVF Fan, I deny to die so fast and hoping best for better videos in the upcoming episodes.

P.S: Iss Episode ke liye jantaa maaf ni karegi tumhe!
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Featured Image Courtesy: TVFPlay

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