After superhit blockbusters like X-Men – Apocalypse and Civil War marvel is now coming up with its new exciting superhero this November – Doctor Strange!
The movie features Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr.  Strange who has already cast a spell in the  ‘Comic – con’  poster which has been released this week.

Marvel follows the story of a talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who an arrogant  neurosurgeon but is  brilliant and renowned person too but his career is abruptly cut short  by a car accident. Damages his hand and could not perform any surgery, Strange is driven to  desperate measures to heal himself but turns to magic at the end.

It’s through his discovery of mystical art that he ultimately earns the ‘Socer Supreme’ moniker and becomes a better person through  his new role – earth’s protector . Stephen Strange , after a tragic car accident learn the-the secret of hidden world of mystery and alternate world dimension . Doctor Strange will be  an intermediary between the real word and what lies beyond based in New York  Greenwich projections .


 Now you wonder – “Where’s the villain?”

Mads Mikkelsen is playing the primary villain but his identity has not been revealed yet , while Hannibal will be the main villain. According to the Entertainment weekly Marvel is trying to keep the character ‘s name undercover right up until film’s release .But you can surely watch the official trailer of Dr. Strange which has been released and is worth a watch.


With an alternate universe feeling with skylines turning upside down and characters transcending , the trailer is a perfect stomach – wrenching combination of ‘Strange’ and mind blowing.


Watch the official teaser trailer here:

The movie was initially scheduled to release in July but due to the unavailability of Benedict the leading  actor, the scheduling was postponed to November to fit Cumberbatch’s  schedule. The movie is now finally scheduled to release on October 28 , 2016, in UK and a week later in other countries including India on November 4.

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