You must have heard of cryopreservation. The process by which dead body is preserved by storing  it at an extremely  low temperature  to protect the body from decaying after death is basically called cryopreservation . The body is  cooled to prevent physical decay of the body by keeping it at  a chilling temperature .


                                                                             Cryopreservation:”I freeze peope to cheat death.”

According to Ripley News, in  Michigan, a non- profit organization claims and believes that they can bring people back to life after death using Cryopreservation. Yes , Life after death!

The Cryonics Institute was founded in 1976 by Robert Ettinger who earned the title  “Father of Cryonics.” because of his fascination with preserving life through technology  In 1964,  his book called “The Prospect of Immortality,”came which introduced the idea of cryonics.  Since then the Cryonics Institute has established  itself as an authority in the technology with Ettinger’s own mother as their first patient!

“There’s no doubt that cryopreservation is possible But what about the entire coming back to life thing?”

As soon as possible after a legal death, to prevent ice from forming in ,a member patient is infused with a substance  in the Cryonics Institute. Here the member patient is maintained indefinitely in cryostasis else stored in liquid nitrogen.

cryonically preserved
There are many famous people who have been cryonically preserved which includes Alcor’s Vice President Jerry Leaf and Ted Williams and Dick Clair Jones from the television industry.

Institute claims that revival is really possible. Many biological  species have been cryopreserved, stored at liquid nitrogen temperature where all decay stops, and they get revived; including whole insects,  eels,and  many types of human tissue including embryos, brain tissue . Increasingly more cells and tissues can be reversibly cryopreserved. Though , their idea and philosophy about raising the dead seem quite unique.

“The  dictionary  meaning  of ‘death’ is permanent halting of vital function . Thus if someone is recovered that means the person was not really dead in the first place, and we think that’s the best way to look at it” explained  Lincoln.

But  the Institute claims that Cryonics can’t restore life to people whose brains have been  physically destroyed for long .Cryonics can work only if there is limited damage to an organ or brain, then that person’s brain structure may be preserved sufficiently to make it at least possible to recover and have possibility of life.


You will be amazed that this process can cost you something quite affordable. If you’re looking to freeze out after death, then you’ll need to raise  about $28,000 to start — a one-time fee, due at time of your death.

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