It takes a long time to develop mental strength. It comes with daily practice of pushing yourself to grow stronger, being realistic optimistic and setting healthy boundaries. Mentally strong people don’t waste their time feeling sorry for themselves or giving up on small matters.

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How do you know you fall on the spectrum?

According to the book ”13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.” written by Amy Morin  who is  psychotherapist by profession , there are certain signs and behaviour which indicates that you are mentally stronger than an average .Here we state them for you :

1. You bounce back failure

Failure is a new  opportunity to gain knowledge for mentally strong people. They believe that it  will increase their chances of success in the future. They don’t take failure as the end of the road.

2.   You face the fear that holds you back

Mentally stronger people never run away from their fears , instead they learn to cope with it. They have something to prove. They never back off.

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3.     You balance self-acceptance with self-improvement

Stronger people accepts themselves for who they are ,they recognize their need for personal development.

                            According to Amy Morin -“Mentally strong people view their goal as a marathon, not a sprint.                                                         They are willing to tolerate short –term pain for long –term gain.”
4.     You are comfortable living according to your values

Priorities are well defined for mentally strong people. They live life according to their values and make decisions faster with relative ease.

5. You focus on sharpening your skills rather showing them off.

You don’t need other’s validation for your life . Mentally strong people are less concerned about gaining recognition .Thier main focus is to make themselves better and better.

6. You balance emotion with logic.

Mentally strong people can control their decisions ,emotions can influence their thinking .They  balance between their emotion with logic .

7. You’re open to from everything that surrounds you.


Mentally stronger people  learn from their circumstances and people they encounter everywhere and everyday.

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