Kenny Sebastian is a wanted man. If one wants to compile a top 5 list of India’s wittiest comedians, the 26-year-old would definitely make the cut. With 622K and counting subscribers on YouTube, he is often hailed as the future of Indian comedy scene.

So, without any further ado, here are the 10 things you should know about Kenny Sebastian, one of India’s most sought after comedian.

Kenny Sebastian
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1. Who is Kenny Sebastian?

Kenneth Sebastian, or as he is fondly called, Kenny is a stand-up comedian, musician, and a filmmaker. According to his website, he aims to change the face of comedy in India. He has collaborated with many famous comedians like Kanan Gill, Phil Nicol, Scott Capurro, Kaneez Surka and Vir Das.

Kenny with Kanan Gill
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2. Early Life

Kenny was born into a Malayali family on the new year’s eve of 1990. As his father was an Indian Navy personnel, he moved around the country quite frequently, eventually settling in Bangalore. He has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. He also studied painting at “Chitrakala Parishath” for four years.

Kenny, The Standup Comedian
Via: YouTube

3. Kenny, The Film-maker

Kenny developed an interest in film-making at the age of 15. Since he did not own a camera back then, he decided to borrow his neighbor’s. Seven years later, Kenny had direction credits for 12 short films and 2 feature films. He also has his own production house, named “SuperHuman Studioz.”


4. Love For Music

Although he has no formal training in music, Kenny is an accomplished vocalist and guitarist. He has covered many popular Bollywood tracks on his YouTube channel. He also frequently brings out his guitar in midst of his comedy routines to do some musical humor. He also released a self-produced acoustical blues album called “Balance”.

Kenny singing
Via: YouTube

5. Kenny, The Traveler.

Kenneth has confessed about his wanderlust in interviews and talk shows. He has traveled through United States, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London and of course India. Some of his travel vlogs are also available on his YouTube channel.

6. Foray Into Comedy

Kenny discovered his taste for stand-up when he was in college. He took part in the stand-up competition at the IIT Mumbai’s Mood Indigo festival, which he eventually won. Along with it came a 10 grand cash prize, and a chance to perform at the prestigious “The Comedy Store.”

Stand up
Source: Know Kenny

7. The Improvisers

Sebastian is one-fourth of the comedy group “The Improvisers”, along with Kanan Gill, Kaneez Surka, and Abish Mathew. “The Improvisers” is India’s highest rated comedy group. They have performed all across India and in other nations as well.

Kenny performing
Source: YouTube

8. Chai Time With Kenny Sebastian

In 2016, he started a monthly live video blog called “Chai Time With Kenny Sebastian.” In this setting, he interacts with the audience on topics related to day to day life, over a cup of tea, adding his witty takes on the topics.

9. He is a huge Batman fan!

Kenny has often addressed that he is a fan of the Caped Crusader. He owns a huge number of Batman-related merchandise and often comments on related topics. He also made a video introducing his father to superheroes.

Kenneth Sebastian performing
Via: Hindustan Times

10. Upcoming Projects

Kenny is currently working on the second season of his satirical web series “Star Boyz”, along with comedians Naveen Richard and Mani Prasad. He is also working on the second season of “Chai Time With Kenny Sebastian”. He has a United States tour lined up, and will also release a one-hour stand-up special.

Connect With Kenny

You can watch Kenny’s hilarious stand-ups on his YouTube channel here. You can also visit his website by clicking here.

What do you like about Kenny Sebastian? Tell us in the comment box below. 🙂

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