When God created “style”, he teaches it first our superstar Rajnikanth. He knows perfectly how everything can be done in style and how you can not just look cool but also feel being cool from inside. The official teaser of his fan’s most awaited film “Kabali” has been released few days back and here is the five awesomely captured animated GIFs taken from this movie, where we can witness the coolness of this style legend in loops.

1.  This is how this legend walks.

Rajnikanth Kabali Gif Animation

2. This is how this legend teases.

Rajnikanth Kabali Gif Animation 2

3. This is how this legend makes fun of his enemies.

Rajnikanth Kabali Gif Animation Tomatoheart 3

4. This is how this legend introduces himself.

Rajnikanth Kabali Gif Animation Tomatoheart 3

5. And this is how this legend never loses his cool even when he hustles.

Rajnikanth Kabali Gif Animation Tomatoheart 4

All these GIFs are created by staffs at Tomatoheart.com using the official teaser from YouTue. You can see all our GIFs at our Official GIPHY Channel: https://giphy.com/channel/tomatoheart

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